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Photo: Ron Mader, Enchiladas con Huevos, Comala, Oaxaca (Some rights reserved)

Links related to food presented in somewhat random fashion:

Translating: How rich to eat with family and friends!
Spanish: ¡Qué rico comer con familia y amigos!

The Story of How McDonald’s First Got Its Start – Smithsonian
The invisible addiction: is it time to give up caffeine?
Community fridges are lifelines for the neighborhoods they serve – Vox
The Recipe to Bob’s Red Mill’s Supreme Recipes
The End of the Ear-Splitting Dining Room – Eater
Anthony Bourdain wouldn’t want you to go on a Vietnam food tour in his honor
‘You Are What You Eat’: The Ethics of Food, the Care of the Self, the Companionship of Others@ABCReligion
The Rise of Food Sharing Experiences at Meetings and Events – Skift
Prawns, The Guardian, and a Small Rant@AnnieLevy121
Culinary Tourism: Exploring Local Culture through Food
Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience
The backbone of the flavor network
Why You Like What You Like
Golden rice is no silver bullet: hunger needs a political solution
Can food make Responsible Travel irresponsible?@ThisTourismWeek
Lady at the unRestaurant in London
Confronting corporate power in the food system

Wild Food / Haumia-tiketike

Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley’s Mission to Change What We Eat
The Promise and Hubris of Silicon Valley’s Vision of How We Eat – The NationBookshop

Instant Pot

Food Supply

Recommended listening

Sean Sherman: My life in five dishes – The chef fighting to bring true Native American cuisine back from the brink of extinction.

Food media’s moment of reckoning? – Graihagh Jackson hears from critics of mainstream food media, who say myopic, white-washed and problematic representations of food are all-too-common. We hear from people trying to change the status quo and ask if this is the moment of reckoning the industry needs.

The Chili Powder Cheat: A Tex-Mex Story – Southern Foodways@ryangordonkatz @potlikker
related: texas, authenticity, fascist culinarians (!)
Chili powder
Cultural appropriation

Say that again – tales of noisy nosh – So many of our modern eateries are built with reflective surfaces, floor included. So when a place heats up the last thing you can hear is the person sitting across the table.

Catching Fire: how cooking made us human – The national obsession with TV cooking shows might not seem like the high point of human endeavour, but in fact they represent the most important shift in human evolution: our desire to eat cooked food. Primatologist Richard Wrangham argues we got our big brains — and evolved into humans — only after we figured out how to use fire to cook our food. If we couldn’t cook, he says, we’d still be in the trees.

Recommended Viewing
How Food Shapes Our Lives. Carolyn Steel
At the State of Design Festival 2011, Carolyn Steel’s keynote address highlights how feeding cities arguably has a greater social and physical impact on the planet and us than anything else we do. Even as extreme weather and oil prices send the cost of food soaring, fast food and supermarket price wars mean produce is being valued at unsustainably low levels. Steel discusses how cities can be designed more productively and to address food security, accessibility, production, consumption and distribution.

Civil Eats

Food Lab

New Worlder

Urban Agriculture
urban agriculture

More lingo lessons

Compost Cuisine
Compost Cuisine = Preparing food from materials that otherwise would be thrown out.

Junk Food
Transforming our food culture — a matter of life and death

Foodshed is an area where food is grown and eaten. In concept this is similar to that of a watershed.; The size of the foodshed varies depending on the availability of year-round foods and the variety of foods grown and processed. “The term ‘foodshed’ thus becomes a unifying and organizing metaphor for conceptual development that starts from a premise of the unity of place and people, of nature and society.” Wikipedia

Food porn is a provocative term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows – Wikipedia

Food Insecure
Today 1 billion people are what’s called “food insecure” – meaning they don’t have enough food or easy or reliable access to food.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects improve the quality and quantity of food available locally while reducing the environmental impact of producing this food.

What is a potluck? A potluck is an event where a group gathers for a meal, and everyone brings one dish to share with the group.

Mixed Dozen

Table Settings / Tableware
The latest thing chefs are willing to spend big bucks on to impress diners

Translating: Foodie
Comelón (Spanish, Mexico)

Translating … Food Carts
Pie Cart (New Zealand)
Puesto (Mexico)

Translating: Feast or Famine
Spanish: Hamburna o Abundancia

Translating: Aftertaste
Spanish: Resabio


Foodie List
How to shuck an oyster
Menu in Progress
Mexico Cooks Blog
DrVino Wine Blog

Other Forums
Chow Hound
Get Stuffed – Thorn Tree



Elsewhere on the web
Progressive Produce@progproduce
Earth Eats – Indiana Public Media
7 Great Tips how to discover the best local food and produce when you travel
Your Meat is Green – Chowhound
International Day for Biological Diversity- CBD
Eating close to home: The localvore challenge – ABC
Mexico City: Slow Food Tamalada and Mescal Tasting – Menu in Progress
The Old Foodie
Edible Austin
Organic Europe
Indian tea tourism helps spread Darjeeling aroma
Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat/TED
Eating the Earthhttp://www.abc.net.au/rn/foraradio/stories/2009/2561528.htm
Ask Pablo: Food Miles
How to End the Global Food Shortage – Jeffrey Sachs/Time
Local food ‘greener than organic’ – BBC
Observer Food Monthly
Tim Lang: The man who invented food miles
Field and Feast
Food Production – Byron Shire (Australia)
Green Tucker
James Beard Foundation
International Year of the Potato 2008
Study of Food and Society
Taste Festivals (UK)
Food for the Parks (The Institute at the Golden Gate’s Food for the Parks initiative aims to expand the availability of nutritious, local, and sustainable fresh food to park visitors across the U.S. and beyond)

It’s easy to get over the hypocrisy of having travelled 11,400 kilometers to ‘eat locally’ when tucking into the tastiest heirloom tomatoes with home-pickled veg. When the view through a darkening restaurant window shows golden vineyards backed by an unspoilt mountain range, it’s simple to forget that your size-12 carbon footprint has stomped straight through the “eat local, think global” ethos. – A taste for Canada – Sunday Star Times

Public Food Maps
Fallen Fruit: A Mapping of Food Resources in Los Angeles
Feral Fruit Melbourne
Mapping Tucson’s Fruit Trees

Spotlight: Ripe Near Me

Cottage Food

Organic Food
The great organic myths: Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can’t afford
They’re not healthier or better for the environment – and they’re packed with pesticides. In an age of climate change and shortages, these foods are an indulgence the world can’t afford, argues environmental expert Rob Johnston

The great organic myths rebutted

Biodynamic Agriculture
The myth of biodynamic agriculture (PDF)

Climate Change
Look at linkages between food production and climate change. Item. Rodale Institute research shows that organically managed soils can store (sequester) more than 1,000 pounds of carbon per acre, while non-organic systems can cause carbon loss. (Source)

Policy Brief: Anchoring Agriculture within a Copenhagen Agreement (PDF)

Food Miles
As consumers around the world become aware of the carbon footprint of their travels and purchases, a new term has appeared. Introducing food miles which track the journey food takes from the farm to the table along with the carbon emissions that are created. Increasingly in Europe labels on food items show food miles. The concept is not without debate.

GM Food

Local Food
Regulations and consumer demand are encouraging producers and restaurants to collaborate to track the route from paddock to plate and encouraging local food.

achacha – aftertaste – agriculturea la carte – all you can eat – allergy – antioxidantappellation d’origine contrôlée – appetite – appetizer – artificial – artisanbakery – banquet – beans – beerbiodynamic agriculturebiomagnification – breakfast – brunch – buffet – bulk – butcher – cake – carbohydrate – carnivore – carrotmob – cash bar (no host bar) – cerealchampagnecharcuterie – chef – cheese – chewing – chocolate – cocktails – chutney – cocktails – coffee – cold cuts – comelón – comfort food – community supported agriculture – compost – convenience – cook – corn – cottage food – craving – curry – degustación – delicatessen – dessert – dinner – drink – eat – egg – encuentro culinarios – entree – essen – family style – fast food – fasting – feast – fika – fire – first bite – fish – flavor – flight – foodfoodoir – food cart – food desert – food pornfood milesfood pairingsfood security – food shed – food sovereignty – food stylist – food truckfoodprint – free range – fresh – fruitfufu – fusion – garden – gastronomy – gluten – glycaemic index – gourmet – graze – grill – guilt free – gluttony – handcrafted – handmade – hassle free – health – herbs – hole in the wall – homemade – homestyle – hunger – ice – imitation – infusion – ingredients – juicy – junk food – kale – kambucha – kitchen – knytkalaskosher – label – lekker – local – localvore – lunch – maiz – meal – menu – mezcal – mindful eating – mouthfeel – natural – nourish – nutrition – obesity – organicpalate – party – pastapaleo – pastry – phosphorus – pizza – pizza stone – placemat – plate – pleasure – portion – portion control – potluck – prebiotic – price – probiotic – produce – protein – provenancepulses – pure – quality – quinoa – quorm – raw – recycling – reduced guilt – riceroot cellar – salt – sample – savoriness – seasonality – seasoning – seeds – self-serve – serving – shared plate – side dish – signature – sitopiasoilslow foodsommelier – special – spice – spicy – stomach – street food – superfood – supermarketsupertaster – supper – sweet – sweet tooth – table – table settings – tart – taste – taste buds – tastingtasting menu – tofu – tongue – top shelf – traditional – transfatumami – use by date – vanilla – vegan – vegetablesvegetarian – vending machine – vitamin – wheat – whole – wild food – wine – wooden spoon – world food day

Food guide pyramid
Food desert
Kitchen work triangle
Restaurant: Impossible
Meat raffle
List of food days



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