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Freemium = free services while charging a premium for advanced features

I have blogged about ‘freemium’ in a series of ‘Magnetic Words’ or ‘Buzzword Bingo.’ The responses are ingenious!

Freemium in ecotourism: Reindeer-sled trips for free, and if you buy the premium product you will get a reindeer to pull the sled.
Anders Kärrstedt

Canoe trips for free, and if you buy the premium product you will get paddles
Aivar Ruukel

Justin writes: “Yes! Do you know who is being credited with inventing it? The Grateful Dead! They set up special ‘tapers’ sections at their gigs, the only condition was that the tapes could only be traded or given away. This helped promote their gigs, which they charged for. They also allowed Deadheads to create and sell unofficial merchandise with no royalty. A bit like creating a platform for a free app store!”

If you use a service you don’t pay for, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.


03.2013 Freemium Model: All Travel is Local Workshop




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