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French = the Romance language of France, also used in parts of Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada, in several countries of northern and western Africa and the Caribbean, and elsewhere

March 20 is French Language Day. #FrenchLanguageDay

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Gender assignment in French – An explanation for why words are assigned either masculine or feminine gender in the French language.

Evolving English – how English became FrenchABC Lingua Franca/Maria Zijlstra conversation with Pete Scully of Davis, California. After the Normans invaded in 1066, England became even more multi-lingual and pluri-ethnic society. Old English was replaced with Norman French—so much so that it is claimed that French continues to be spoken, disguised within English, to this day.

Être homme, c’est précisément être responsable. C’est connaître la honte en face d’une misère qui ne semblait pas dépendre de soi. C’est être fier d’une victoire que les camarades ont remportée. C’est sentir, en posant sa pierre, que l’on contribue à bâtir le monde. (Being human is precisely to be responsible. Is to know shame opposite a misery that did not seem to depend on itself. Is proud to be a victory that the comrades have won.It felt, laying the stone, which is helping to build the world.) – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Bonne chance = Good luck
L’équité intergénérationnelle = intergenerational equity
Ne t’inquiète pas = Don’t worry (also see TKT)
La vie est un fleuve tranquille = Life is a slow river
Se désabonner = Unsubscribe

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Buzzword Bingo: L'équité Intergénérationnelle (Intergenerational Equity)

After the Storm (photo @ScuillerK)

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