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One of our most appreciated voices articulating the need for responsible and sustainable tourism that benefits locals and visitors: Freya Higgins-Desbiolles

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Has tourism had its day?


Degrowth in Tourism – El Decrecimiento en el Turismo

Sustainable Tourism Development

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Misbehaving tourists – Around the world tourism numbers are increasing. This can bring many benefits to communities but it can also cause resentment, especially when tourists behave badly. Freya Higgins-Desbiolles explains what some of this bad behavior is and why it needs to stop.

Mornings, 28 May 2019, starting at 1:09:00
1:12:30 Tourists don’t know the impact they have on the places they are visiting
1:14:00 * Tourists are changing
1:15:00 Is this a conversation we’re seeing more?
1:15:30 Redesign so that local communities are at the forefront
1:16:15 Hospitality
1:17:00 Seeds in Venice and Amsterdam (Fair B&B)
1:18:00 Government

“An important key to sustainability that many destination management organisations are realising is that people-to-people connections lead to repeat visitation, which is a pathway to sustainability.”
‘Untourist’ movement shuns global, mass tourism over local, unique and sustainable ventures

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