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Gawler Ranges National Park

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Spotlight on the Gawler Ranges National Park, a 1,633 km2 (631 sq mi) protected area lying 350 km (217 mi) north-west of Adelaide in the northern Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. It is famous for its spectacular rock formations.

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parks.sa.gov.au: The Gawler Ranges National Park is a special place where history, conservation and Aboriginal culture come together. Proclaimed as a national park in 2002, the landscape teems with wildlife and protects rare and threatened plants and animals, including crimson mallee and the yellow-footed rock-wallaby. The park is famous for the magnificent Organ Pipes, formed over 1500 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. There are equally stunning rocky outcrops at Yandinga Falls and Kolay Mirica Falls.

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Gawler Ranges
Gawler Ranges National Park


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