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Global Ecotourism Network (GEN)globalecotourismnetwork.org – aims to bring together the world’s national and regional ecotourism associations and networks, destinations, Indigenous peoples, global operators, professionals and academicians to grow the industry, provide advocacy and thought leadership, and to encourage innovation and authenticity in ecotourism. GEN acts as a vital resource for evaluating ecotourism practices and disseminating authentic ecotourism trends, applied research, and experience-driven studies.

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  • Is there a directory of GEN members? = ¿Existe un directorio de miembros de GEN?
  • How does one become a member of the Global Ecotourism Network? = ¿Cómo se convierte uno en miembro de la Red Mundial de Ecoturismo?
  • How does GEN facilitate networking? = ¿Cómo facilita GEN la creación de redes?

World Changed?
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The organization’s founding members are the entire ex-Advisory Committee of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

October 2015 : GEN has elected officers:
Glenn Jampol – Chair
Tony Charters – Vice Chair
Nabil Tarazi – Treasurer
Deirdre Campbell – Secretary
Masaru Takayama – Business Development and Governance

Ariane Janer and Rob Holmes: Marketing and Communications
Hitesh Mehta and Karen Lewis – Education and member outreach

Position Statement, February 9, 2017
The recent executive orders and actions of the newly elected Republican Government stand in direct contrast to the values and principles of the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN) and threaten a livable and prosperous world for all.

We, the Board of Directors of the GEN, strongly oppose any actions that discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, sexuality, color, or the failure to recognize the needs of refugees across borders. GEN encourages a humane society and a tourism industry that supports the free movement of people while inspiring tolerance and the interchange of ideas and beliefs between diverse cultures.

We strongly oppose any actions that fail to recognize the importance of the conservation of nature and its essential ecosystem services for a livable planet already threatened by climate change.

In this year of Sustainable Tourism Development, GEN emphatically calls on the travel industry to continue its role in promoting inclusive policies and practices that connect people to places by supporting ecotourism principles: environmental stewardship, sustainable best practices, socio economic inclusion, sound science and education and interpretation.

Tourism Leaders Call for New Global Voice for Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Development
Entire Advisory Committee for the International Tourism Collective’s TIES Program Resigns From the ITC; New Transition Committee Is in Place and Becomes the Global Ecotourism Network; New Participants Welcome

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA–(Marketwired – February 26, 2015) – The entire Advisory Committee of the TIES program of the International Tourism Collective (ITC) has resigned from the ITC and is calling for global participation from members within the international ecotourism and sustainable tourism community to join in a transition to a new, positive, transparent and accountable global association to support the growth of authentic ecotourism and sustainable tourism around the world. This new organization is called the Global Ecotourism Network.

Chairing the transition team is Glenn Jampol. Jampol is based in Costa Rica and has participated as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and then the Advisory Committee of the ITC’s TIES program for over 11 years. During much of that time he was also the president of Costa Rica’s widely recognized National Association of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism (CANAECO).

“As an Advisory Committee, we had worked diligently and tirelessly, and in some cases we invested our own money to support the advances and survival of The International Ecotourism Society and subsequently, the ITC’s TIES program. We reinforced the initial vision and fundamental work of the founding members and more recently of the chair, Dr. Kelly Bricker. We are honored to have participated in the growth and past success of this important global organization that began in 1990.

However, in recent years we have had concern regarding access to important ITC held information. Despite numerous requests over the years by the ITC’s TIES Advisory Committee for information about the organization’s status (complete financials, accounting, operations, etc.), the ITC has been unwilling to share what we consider essential information we had a right to see as members of the organization. In 2014, the ITC removed, without notice or explanation, the TIES program Advisory Committee’s involvement and participation in ITC’s programs, by among other things, removing each of the below identified members from the ITC/TIES website. As a result, the entire Advisory Committee of the ITC’s TIES program decided unanimously that resignation from the ITC was the appropriate response to our current situation, consistent with our belief about the ethical and fiduciary responsibilities that we bear. We remain however, committed to supporting the global growth and evolution of authentic ecotourism and sustainable tourism,” says Jampol.

All the current committee members will be joining Jampol in leaving the ITC to start the Global Ecotourism Network; a group who have over 100 years combined of Ecotourism Board experience:

Glenn Jampol, USA, Costa Rica (2005)
Karen Lewis, USA, Costa Rica (2005)
Hitesh Mehta, USA, Kenya (1999)
Tony Charters, Australia (2000-2009, 2012)
Ariane Janer, Brazil, (2010)
Judy Kepher-Gona, Kenya (2009)
Masaru Takayama, Japan (2005)
Albert Teo, Malaysia (1996-2004, 2010)
Nabil Tarazi, Jordan (2014)
Rob Holmes, USA (2014)
Deirdre Campbell, Canada (2009)
Palitha Gurusinghe, Sri Lanka (2007)
Rick MacLeod Farley, Canada (2010)
Julio Bin, New Zealand, Brazil (2014)
Supaporn Prachumpai, Thailand (2014)

(Note: dates indicate year members began volunteering at the board level)
The Global Ecotourism Network has begun working on a contemporary and functional model for its governance, and to facilitate this evolution, it invites and welcomes any additional participants who wish to share their time and expertise in this new endeavor. The goal of the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN) is to create a professional, accessible, accountable and sustainable organization that supports ecotourism and sustainable tourism, best practices and innovative experiential leadership. The Global Ecotourism Network strives to be an advocate for the industry, utilizing the unparalleled experience of its institutional and professional members and commit to the development of the industry and its people.
“Tourism continues to be the world’s fastest growing industry, and today one in 12 people is employed in tourism around the globe. There are many organizations working to create a more responsible and sustainable tourism industry, yet rather than overlap existing organizations we would like to expand the conversation with expertise and experiential knowledge. Voices from the global community as well as national and regional ecotourism bodies will participate and be heard, playing a key role in this truly international umbrella group,” says Karen Lewis, who joined the board of TIES in 2002 and founded Costa Rica’s award winning Lapa Rios Ecolodge in 1990. “The field of ecotourism and sustainable tourism is a very important driver within the tourism industry and we believe it deserves a stronger voice on the global tourism stage where we would like to disseminate authentic ecotourism and ecolodge trends and innovations.”

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