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Google — provides a platform for online note-taking. This is one of our favorite ways to edit in a collaborative manner. It also works to sync across devices, to literally be on the same page, across devices and accounts.

Among the pluses – it automatically save documents without the need of a ‘save’ button. Google Docs can be used for private individual notes and public collaborative editing.

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Questions = Preguntas

  • Do you have to sign in to edit a Google Doc? = ¿Tienes que iniciar sesión para editar un documento de Google?
  • How can Google docs better integrate with Google? = ¿Cómo se pueden integrar mejor los documentos de Google con Google?
  • When you remove someone from a Google Doc does it notify them? = Cuando eliminas a alguien de un documento de Google, ¿se lo notifica?

Pet Peeves

  • No ‘find in document’ option on smartphone/tablet app = No hay opción ‘buscar en documento’ en la aplicación para teléfono inteligente/tableta
  • No notifications when there are changes = No hay notificaciones cuando hay cambios

Planeta Examples
Change the world
Upcoming Events Calendar

Google Docs will start nudging some users to write less dumbly
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs
Google Docs is finally adding a feature Microsoft Word has had for 20 years – Quartz

Other Examples

google document embedder

With Google Drive for your computer, you can sync files from your computer to My Drive.

Make someone else the owner of your file – Google Support

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Google Docs

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