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Google — provides a platform for online note-taking. This is one of our favorite ways to edit in a collaborative manner. It also works to sync across devices, to literally be on the same page, across devices and accounts.

Among the pluses – it automatically save documents without the need of a ‘save’ button. Google Docs can be used for private individual notes and public collaborative editing.

Key Links
Know your limits
Work with links and bookmarks

Questions = Preguntas

  • Do you have to sign in to edit a Google Doc? = ¿Tienes que iniciar sesión para editar un documento de Google?
  • How can Google docs better integrate with Google? = ¿Cómo se pueden integrar mejor los documentos de Google con Google?
  • When you remove someone from a Google Doc does it notify them? = Cuando eliminas a alguien de un documento de Google, ¿se lo notifica?

Pet Peeves

  • No ‘find in document’ option on smartphone/tablet app = No hay opción ‘buscar en documento’ en la aplicación para teléfono inteligente/tableta
  • No notifications when there are changes = No hay notificaciones cuando hay cambios

Command-Option-Shift-H = See all versions

Planeta Examples
Change the world
Upcoming Events Calendar

Google Docs will start nudging some users to write less dumbly
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs
Google Docs is finally adding a feature Microsoft Word has had for 20 years – Quartz

Other Examples

google document embedder

With Google Drive for your computer, you can sync files from your computer to My Drive.

Make someone else the owner of your file – Google Support

Stay updated on collaboration. Turn on added or removed content notifications to keep track of document changes

Embedded Tweets

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Google Docs

Global Examples

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