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Videos from Grand Canyon National Park (2021)

Photo: Bristlecone Media/Grand Canyon NPS, Night Sky

Videos from Grand Canyon in 2021 featuring a virtual star parties with explanations on local Indigenous histories of astronomy, stargazing, and world building.

Next Grand Canyon Star Party: June 18-25, 2022

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June 2021

Seeing the Skies Through Navajo Eyes

Ancient Astronomers of the American West

A Conversation with Bertam Tsavadawa on Hopi Astronomy

Zuni World View

Ancestral Puebloan Sun Calendars

Southern Paiute Astronomy

A Puebloan View of the Stars

May 27 Webinar
usicomos.org/webinars/: Indigenous people have lived in and around the Grand Canyon since time immemorial, yet up until recently their cultural heritage and history have largely been unknown at the National Park (NP) and World Heritage Site (WHS). In this webinar, Grand Canyon NP Superintendent Ed Keable, staff and colleagues from tribal communities and stakeholder groups will discuss efforts underway to educate and inspire visitors with new perspectives on Grand Canyon’s tribal past, present and future. Join us to learn about how the park is incorporating first-voices and perspectives into its management and interpretive programs and how re-envisioning the experience at the Desert View area of the park will expand the visitor experience and provide for native people to share their histories about Grand Canyon as home.


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