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Photo: Grand Canyon National Park, Bike Patrol

What would locals like visitors to know about the Grand Canyon? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

North Rim

The North Rim is over 8000 feet (2438 meters) in elevation. There is one lodge, Grand Canyon Lodge and one campground, operated by the National Park Service. During winter months, the North Rim closes because of snow. The North Rim Pocket Map and Services Guide is distributed at entrance stations, visitor centers, lodges, campgrounds, stores, and out-of-park locations. Download it here.

Plan your visit

Steam-Powered Train
Steam Saturdays Schedule

Grand Canyon Trust
Safeguarding the wonders of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau, while supporting the rights of its Native peoples.

Grand Canyon Conservancy
Grand Canyon Conservancy is the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park. We preserve and protect Grand Canyon.

Rim to Rim
Facebook: Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Indigenous Cultures



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