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Guadalajara’s 2018 Feria del Maíz


One more reason to visit Guadalajara: the 4th Corn Fair takes place Sunday, September 30, 11am-6pm at the Club de Leones de Guadalajara, Avenida De los Leones # 75, Colonia Tepeyac Casino. Admission is free with voluntary contributions to be granted to the winning producers of the traditional dishes contest.

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4th MAIZE FAIR (Traditional food and drinks + Crafts + Seed Exhibition + Art + Activities for children + Talks and Workshops + Bibliographic Consultation Area + Local Market

Translating the announcement:

All the great civilizations had a characteristic food, and in the case of all the peoples of Mexico, for more than 10,000 years, corn has been the basis of their diet. Derived from the interaction of peasants and chefs with the seeds, we have a universe of biological, gastronomic and utilitarian knowledge that is materialized with more than 60 breeds of corn, in an infinity of traditional dishes, crafts, work tools, and many other things.

Participation of producers from the following communities: Chiquilistlán, San Cristóbal Zapotitlán, Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, El Limón, La Ciénega, Zapotitlán de Vadillo, Juanacatlán, Tuxpan, La Cañada, El Roble, Tequila, Tapalpa, Tlajomulco and Jala among others.

Featured are continuous workshops for children, Exhibition: El Pueblo del Maiz, Native Seed Exhibition, Sample of traditional foods

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Questions = Preguntas

  • Is there live and recorded video?
  • Is there a directory of exhibitors?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Guadalajara?

11:15 am: Inauguration and welcome , Producers Fair
11:30 hrs: “Use of microorganisms of bacteria and microelements in the native corn” , Francisco Valdés, producer
12:00 hrs: “Conservation of native seeds by Jalisco producers” , Ing. María de Jesús Bernardo, RASA
12:00 hrs: “Cuentos del Maiz” , Artíteres, teatrino for children
12:30 hrs: “Savoring corn without seasoning” , Joaquín Morales, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo
13:00 hrs: Native Maize of Nayarit: the Jala corn and the Wixaritari , Ricardo Cambero and Gilberto González, Native Corn Fair
2:00 pm: Gastronomic contest. Traditional dishes prepared by the invited producers.
15:00 hrs: “Milpa Mazahua” , Xrysw Ruelas and Oscar Segundo, Xokol
15:30 hrs: “Ser Semilla” , Experimental music and dance, Lailish Mahogany, Alonso Novelo and Xaumar (César Gómez)
16:15 hrs: “El Maíz: nuestro cultura” , Dialogue with peasant producers
5:00 pm: Grupo Wixaritari Peyote Azul .

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