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December 12 is the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Photo: Guadalupes @ Boris Spider, Oaxaca

December 12 is The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe), a popular Catholic feast day that celebrates the belief Juan Diego encountered the Virgin Mary, Mexico’s patron saint, in Mexico City on December 9 and 12, 1531.

Mexico City

Mexico City’s Basilica of Guadalupe

Oaxaca City, Mexico
Every year the sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe receives worshipers.

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Marlene Ehrenberg: Tonāntzin (en náhuatl: tonantzin, ‘nuestra madre venerada’‘to, nuestro; nāntli, madre; tzīntli, diminutivo reverencial’)? en la cultura y mitología mexica es el término con que se designaba a distintas deidades femeninas, principalmente Coatlicue, Cihuacóatl y Teteoinan (madre de los dioses). La Guadalupe sustituye en el Cerro del Tepeyac a Tonanzin.




Mexico City


1519 – 2019+

12 • December • Diciembre

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