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Guelaguetza 2020


The virtual stage is set. With the physical Guelaguetza postponed, we will watch, enjoy, and amplify performances and presentations from Oaxaca, Mexico throughout the month of July. Hashtag: #Guelaguetza2020

Viva la Guelaguetza! Viva Oaxaca!! = Long live Guelaguetza! Long live Oaxaca!!

Who should watch? Anyone interested in Mexico, in Indigenous culture, music, and dance. Bilingual fans, here’s a chance to hear Indigenous languages, often in the introduction of a particular group.

Guelaguetza Oficial

We recommend subscribing to CORTV’s YouTube channel and following the channel on Twitter: @cortv


Questions = Preguntas

  • Are you watching Guelaguetza? In person? On TV? On the Internet? = ¿Estás viendo Guelaguetza? ¿En persona? ¿En TV? ¿En Internet?
  • For those familiar, what does Guelaguetza mean to you? = Para los que están familiarizados, ¿qué significa la Guelaguetza para ti?
  • Is there an analog to Guelaguetza in other countries? = ¿Existe un análogo a la Guelaguetza en otros países?
  • For this year’s retransmission of Guelaguetza, is it possible to include an English-language translation? = ¿Para la retransmisión de Guelaguetza de este año, ¿es posible incluir una traducción al inglés?
  • What are the dates of Guelaguetza 2021? = ¿Cuáles son las fechas de la Guelaguetza 2021? (July 19 and 26?)

Embedded Tweets

Sí habrá Guelaguetza 2020, pero será virtual
Boquete – Quadratin
Anuncian programa – Noticias


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