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Oaxaca’s formal celebration of Guelaguetza began in 1932. The tradition predates the government-sanctioned and -promoted efforts. LIkewise, it’s reach extends so far that there are more Guelaguetzas in California than in Oaxaca. Join us as we begin our virtual celebration and curation of Guelaguetza stories. A special shoutout to friends in Oaxaca City as they welcome visitors to their restaurants, hotels, markets, and baseball stadiums.

La celebración formal de la Guelaguetza en Oaxaca comenzó en 1932. La tradición es anterior a los esfuerzos sancionados y promovidos por el gobierno. Asimismo, su alcance es tan amplio que hay más Guelaguetzas en California que en Oaxaca. Únase a nosotros cuando comencemos nuestra celebración virtual y curación de historias de Guelaguetza. Un saludo especial a los amigos en la ciudad de Oaxaca mientras dan la bienvenida a los visitantes a sus restaurantes, hoteles, mercados y estadios de béisbol.

Mexican celebration of Guelaguetza coming to Henderson Pavilion (2010)
A Candidate for Mixtecos in California’s Republican Heartland


Every year, the Binational Fronte of Indigenous Organizations (Frente Indigena de Organizationes Binacionales, FIOB) Facebook mounts a dazzling festival showcasing the dances of Oaxacan towns, called the Guelaguetza. Its Fresno festival is just one of several. California’s Indigenous Oaxacan population is so large that there are more Guelaguetzas organized here than in Oaxaca. – A Candidate for Mixtecos in California’s Republican Heartland



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