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Haiti, My Love, My Home

Photo: Tom Benson, Black-capped petrel

At the recent Diablotin Festival in Boukan Chat, Haiti, Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) and its storytelling partner, SOULCRAFTallstars, released the short video “Haiti, My Love, My Home.”

This short film tells the story of how the community of Boukan Chat and a team of conservationists, humanitarians, and story-tellers have come together to protect the endangered Black-capped Petrel. In Kreyol and narrated by Haitian Conservationist, Anderson Jean, the film had a great first showing in Boukan Chat, where nearly a quarter of the village population came to see the film. The film has inspired all involved to continue efforts to increase biodiversity through poverty alleviation in the Caribbean!



  • What is the history of the Diablotin Festival?
  • What other online features explore conservation in Haiti?

Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC)
Since 2000, Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) has been working throughout the West Indies to further the scientific understanding of the issues faced by the Caribbean ecosystem, educate the public about conservation, and promote public involvement in ecological restoration and protection.

This mission is achieved through three core programs:

Conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Habitats
Songbirds as Environmental Indicators
Conservation of Key Marine Bird Habitats

When approaching projects at new sites, our methodology typically begins with scientific research, scoping meetings, and building partnerships. We then create an effective plan for conducting outreach programs and, ultimately, community-based actions to protect and/or restore habitats and threatened species.

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