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Hawai’i Tourism Boom (2018)

Photo: Bernard Spragg, Waikiki Beach

Recommended Viewing: Tourism Boom – Do We Know When to Say When?

PBS Hawai’i Insights program explored the environmental and economic impacts of Hawai’i’s ongoing tourism boom.

In 2017 Hawai’i made its eighth straight record-breaking year for tourism, topping 9 million visitor arrivals. The program asked its panelists to review the opportunities and threats this visitor boom presents. Is there a way to avoid a collision course between locals and visitors?

The conversation probed the growth of resident population and visitors on an island-by-island basis. Of note – a pointed critique of Airbnb and a comparison to tourism in Las Vegas.

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https://www.pbshawaii.org/insights-on-pbs-hawaii-tourism-boom-do-we-know-when-to-say-when – @pbshawaii

The number of tourists coming to Hawaii keeps climbing and many are now crowding into places that were once reserved for locals. It’s a worldwide situation. However, the solution to “overtourism” may not be to cap the number of visitors but to make sure they share the burden of maintaining our aina and infrastructure before both are all used up. – Lavonne Leong @lavonneleong


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