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Henderson Pittman Wash

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One of our favorite places to visit the natural world near Las Vegas is the Pittman Wash in Henderson.

Project GREEN: Friends of Pittman Wash

Project GREEN (Green Valley Ecology, Environment and Nature): Friends of Pittman Wash is a 2.5 mile habitat restoration program located between Arroyo Grande Boulevard and Pecos Road along the Pittman Wash, with an entrance directly behind the Silver Springs Recreation Center. The project area is a natural area that carries floodwater from the mountains south of Henderson, to the Las Vegas Wash, and ultimately into Lake Mead.

The mission is to preserve and protect the wildlife and wildlife habitat of Pittman Wash, in accordance with the Question 1 grant awarded us by the State of Nevada in 2002.

To enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of this rare Mojave Desert riparian ecosystem on the part of the community, Project GREEN has designed, researched, written, photographed, installed, built, and maintained miles of trails, trail heads, interpretive kiosks, interpretive signs, directional signs, rest areas (benches), and pet waste stations.

Monthly planning meetings are held 6 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Silver Springs Recreation Center, 1951 Silver Springs Parkway.


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