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Hernán Cortés

Photo: Sergio Lubezky, Veracruz Casa

In 2019  Planeta.com launched our spotlight on the 500th anniversary of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. We will follow the timeline of the expedition led by Hernán Cortés.

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I and my companions suffer from a disease of the heart that can be cured only with gold
– Cortes told envoys of Moctezuma

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Wikipedia: Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca; 1485 – December 2, 1547) was a Spanish Conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire and brought large portions of what is now mainland Mexico under the rule of the King of Castile in the early 16th century. Cortés was part of the generation of Spanish colonizers who began the first phase of the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

British Library: Hernando Cortes landing in Mexico in 1519, met by natives; with foliate borders and a portrait of Cortes in a medallion.’
Untitled - caption: 'Hernando Cortes landing in Mexico in 1519, met by natives; with foliate borders and a portrait of Cortes in a medallion.'

Hernán Cortés
Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire


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  1. Many years ago I designed a route following the steps of the conqueror. This is good moment to go out of the beaten path in the countryside, anniversary of the famous “Noche Triste” sad night battle and next year 2021 the 500 years of the fall of Tenochtitlan. In the 500th anniversary of this epic adventure, we will follow the steps of these men, in company of the Malinche, Doña Marina, we offer you a wide spectrum of activities, from the softest to the strongest emotions. Starting the tour in the Port of Veracruz, we will visit the places that this character went through. In addition, as Hernán Cortés was named Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca, I decided to extend the trip to Oaxaca where it ends.

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