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Hoja Santa

Photo: Hoja Santa (Some rights reserved)

Among our favorite tasty plants: Hoja Santa, aka the Root Beer Plant, a heart-shaped, velvety leaf native to tropical Mesoamerica.

Translating Hoja Santa
English: Root Beer Plant
Ayöök: Wow’aajy
Zapotec: Bdaxo, Balaxh, Laxhgwa’
Mixtec: Ntova ntòjǒ
Mazatec: Xa’ná
?: Acuyo

Embedded Tweets

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A story of the sacred Mexican root beer leaf pepper plant – Austin Chronicle


Mushroom and Hoja Santa Taco on the Comal, Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco @ Oaxaca 10.2013

Piper auritum


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