Online shopping and shipping is not an available option, but hand-crafted edible excrement that mimics the poo of native animal species is available direct from the Natural Lands Trust. Teenage volunteers who have attended education programs at Crow’s Nest Preserve for many years and are now looking for ways to give something back and making the special scat with all proceeds assisting the Crow’s Nest Preserve summer camp scholarships.

Choose from a full-sized scat sampler, or buy single-scat stocking stuffers. All boxes include educational labels on how to identify different kinds of scat.

The Scat Sampler: The sampler includes scat from a variety of animals found in Pennsylvania, including raccoon, red fox, beaver, black bear, Canada Goose, snapping turtle, elk, river otter, and skunk.

Stocking Stuffers: These single-scat boxes make great small gifts. Available in raccoon, red fox, or elk.

How did you come up with the idea of edible scat?
It all started when Crow’s Nest Preserve educator Molly Smyrl wanted to trick kids into thinking she had eaten poop she found along the trail. The result was hilarious, and the idea grew from there!

What if I paid for you to ship my order?
Sorry, still no! Adding in the logistics of shipping in addition to making and packaging the scat is beyond our capacity at this time. Perhaps someday we’ll be able to offer shipping, but for the foreseeable future the local market for edible scat keeps us plenty busy.

There’s really that much demand for edible scat?
We were surprised at first, too. But everyone seems to know someone to whom they would give a box of poop.

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Natural Lands Trust
Natural Lands Trust is a comprehensive land conservation organization serving eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. The organization began in 1953 as the Philadelphia Conservationists, a group of avid bird watchers who came together as volunteers to protect the marshes at Tinicum along the Delaware River—now the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge—and soon found themselves in the vanguard of the private conservation movement.

In the years that followed, the Philadelphia Conservationists preserved natural areas, wetlands, and forests along the East Coast and even as far away as Costa Rica. In those days, they transferred most of the lands they saved to government agencies or other non-profits. But in the early 1960s, they established Natural Lands as a vehicle to permanently own and care for land – “Woods, fields, streams, marshes, seashore, and other open spaces.” Thus began the building of what would become Natural Lands’ 21,000-acre (and growing) network of nature preserves.

Natural Lands has grown into a regional land trust that has protected tens-of-thousands of acres in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Each one of those acres is a testament to the vision and generosity of our founders as well as the thousands of landowners, donors, volunteers, and community leaders who make our work possible.


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