Image: USPS, George Morrison Stamps

Horizon = the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet

Translating: Horizon
Spanish: Horizonte
German: Horizont
Welsh: Gorwel

George Morrison
Community remembers George Morrison at Forever Stamp dedication | WTIP
Renowned Anishinaabe Artist George Morrison Honored By US Postal Service – Minnesota Native News


Kristin Makholm, art historian and co-author of the book Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison, interprets his work:

“An artist indicates the horizon with a line, but we don’t actually see a line. We see a horizontal split between sky and water. The horizon is an optical illusion. It doesn’t actually exist outside of what we see. George masterfully plumbs the depths of what we see, and with the simplest of artistic conventions aligned then shape-shifts everything around that. Through it, George shows how the natural world seen daily out his window at Red Rock is inextricably bound with the dual mysteries of how humans see and experience nature, and how we embrace and love this world through art.”



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