Photo: Ron, Pedro and Hugo (2013)

Photos and snippets of conversation with the inspired Hugo Antonio Santiago.

It’s good to think that someone cares for you after you are gone. I know after I die, I can return to visit my family and friends.

The first step in rescuing culture is recognizing that you’ve lost to some of your culture. We don’t recognize that we’ve lost 50% of our language.

Everything changes when you know you’re being listened to.

You don’t have tourists in your home. You have visitors.

Bring a hat! Aguamiel Tasting at the Pochimilco Market @ Oaxaca 07.2012

Hugo's Zapotec Lesson 04.2013

You don't have tourists in your house. You have visitors. - Hugo Antonio Santiago @TeotitlanDValle

No tienes turistas en tu casa. Tienes visitantes. - Hugo Antonio Santiago @TeotitlanDValle
So happy visiting Hugo Antonio Santiago at the Oaxaca State Tourism Office 11.2013

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