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For 2021’s World Parks Week, we are exploring the meanings and articulations of what hyperlocal might be.

I would like to hazard a definition: Hyperlocal = Focusing on a small area with attention directed toward the concerns of its residents, its recent history, and potential futures.

Planeta.com philosophy: We need to value what is small and local. Hay que valor lo pequeño.

Small is not only beautiful but essential.

During the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, travel has been curtailed in previously unimaginable ways. Lockdown and Stay at Home orders kept the virus from spreading and made those of us locked down and shut in, more appreciative of exploring the nearby environs and perhaps more curious when viewing and connecting with peoples and places beyond the immediate horizon.

City parks, in particular, have played an enormous role in getting people outside in a way that mostly provided plenty of physical distancing.

That said, we wish the participants of World Parks Week the very best. Looking forward to listening and learning from others.

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Local is beautiful

What’s so small to you is so large to me.
– Susana Vega, Rock in this pocket

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