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U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Relations Under the Biden Administration


Institute of the Americas hosts U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Relations Under the Biden Administration Thursday, March 25, 10am-11:30am PST. Other forthcoming webinars planned for the year will highlight the following key themes:  Promoting Security and Prosperity in Central America,  COVID-19 and Latin America’s Educational Digital Divide; and Renewing U.S. hemispheric Engagement in our Changing World.

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  • What are the outcomes of this webinar series?

The Institute of the Americas is a non-profit policy center at University of California San Diego that hosts professional workshops and conferences on critical issues in the Americas

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Background: Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth socio-economic disruptions of historic proportions globally with countries across the Americas among the hardest hit.  At the same time,  the year 2020 was a time of political changes with general or parliamentary elections in Peru, Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela and, in particular, the United States. To better assess the changes faced across the region with a view to the solutions for the future, the Institute of the Americas has launched the Hemisphere in Transition webinar series undertaken in partnership with the University of California Television (UC-TV).  The first program in our series was the February 11th presentation entitled China Stakes its Claim in Latin American Energy:  What it Means for the Region, the U.S. and Beijing  highlighted key findings of a recently published report by the Institute.

About the Institute
For 25 years, the Institute of the Americas has been at the forefront of U.S.-Latin America cooperation, working with the public and private sectors to improve the economic, political and social well-being of people throughout the Americas. Led by Jeffrey Davidow, a former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and Venezuela, the Institute brings together industry leaders, policy makers and academics for frank and open discussions about challenges and opportunities in the Western Hemisphere. As an impartial and independent non-profit organization, the Institute hosts roundtables and professional workshops from its sweeping complex on the campus of the University of California, San Diego. The strategic location 30 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border allows the Institute to draw on Latin Americas vast array of experts for high-level conferences, as well as providing a unique showcase for the rich flavors, vibrant colors and rhythmic sounds of the Americas to a multinational community.



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