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Taking place July 24-27 in Cartagena, Colombia – the 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology hosted by International Congress for Conservation Biology and Society for Conservation Biology. Hashtag: 

The event focuses on Insights for Sustaining Life on Earth, responding to the need for conservation science to help create a better tomorrow for both biodiversity and people who depend upon it.

Researchers, students, agency personnel, environmental educators, practitioners, and other conservation stakeholders will take part in lively discussions on the nexus between biodiversity conservation and genetics, ecology, biogeography, anthropology, history, psychology, economics, conservation marketing, religion, and more.

ICCB Live Stream
For the first time, part of ICCB will be livestreamed so that anyone in the world with an Internet connection can follow parts of the Congress online. All plenary sessions, including the opening ceremony, evening and lunchtime forums, as well as contributed talks and symposia that take place in Barahona 3, will be broadcast live online. Use this ICCB Live Stream link to watch online.

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ICCB is a global forum for addressing conservation challenges and for presenting new research in conservation science and practice. With more than 2,000 conservation professionals and students in attendance, ICCB is the major networking event for anyone interested in conservation.

Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is a global community of nearly 5,000 members from over 140 countries dedicated to advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth’s biological diversity. For over 30 years, the Society has taken science off the shelf by elevating the research of our members, using it to educate decision-makers, and provide a forum for practitioners to advance conservation science and practice.


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