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Among our favorite commemorations and celebrations on the calendar: September 28 is the International Day for Universal Access to Information // Entre nuestras conmemoraciones y celebraciones favoritas del calendario: el 28 de septiembre es el Día Internacional del Acceso Universal a la Información

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  • What information would you like access? // ¿A qué información le gustaría acceder? // Auf welche Informationen möchten Sie zugreifen? // A quelles informations souhaitez-vous accéder ? // Vilken information vill du ha tillgång till?


This year, the International Day for Universal Access to Information will focus on the importance of the online space for access to information // Este año, el Día Internacional para el Acceso Universal a la Información se centrará en la importancia del espacio en línea para el acceso a la información

The global celebration will take place in Oxford, UK on the 28 September 2023. The Opening session will be followed by the High-level roundtable, which will discuss access to information and internet disruptions in the context of the Vienna Declaration adopted at the World Conference on Human Rights.

A series of three panels will focus on Internet accessibility and connectivity; the role of governments, judiciary and information commissioners in securing the proper functioning of internet as an enabler of the right to information and other human rights; as well as the need for international cooperation in the field of strengthening access to information for human rights and achievement of the Goals of Agenda 2030. 


Decade of action


The day was inaugurated in November 2015 and was first held on September 28, 2016. The day had been recognized as International Right to Know Day since 2002 and was developed by international civil society advocates into its current form beginning in 2012. The UNESCO resolution creating the day was pushed by African civil society groups seeking greater information transparency.

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Creative Commons: We MUST create equity in access to information in public spaces online and offline, so that we can share and collaborate together to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

International Day for Universal Access to Information
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