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Crossing Borders and Building Bridges #ILASSA38

Call for papers for the 2018 ILASSA 38 Conference which will take place March 1-3, 2018 at the University of Texas at Austin. Hashtag: #ILASSA38

Ilassa: Given the current sociopolitical climate across the globe and particularly in Latin America it becomes necessary forge new connections and solidarities between different cultures, knowledges and life projects. The particular context of Latin America and the US can be defined by its diversity, but at the same time that variety has the potential to construct other worlds based on social justice and equality. The latter requires to push and cross borders in order to build bridges with others, to build connections at different levels. In this sense, we look forward to use the space of the conference to question practices and discourses normalized and dispute binary conception of gender, politics, sexuality, immigration, etc. The ILASSA student conference has been a space for sharing experiences and constructing knowledges. Thus, this edition convenes diverse groups of people from different locations and disciplines to challenge our ways of thinking, building connections and networks, and pushing ourselves to grow as individuals and as a community of learners and thinkers.

The organizers welcome proposals from all disciplines and fields, including the work of artists and activists. Proposals can be submitted as academic writing as well as in audiovisual form (photography, video, paintings, or design).

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The Institute of Latin American Studies Student Association (ILASSA) was formed by graduate students to encourage more active student participation in LLILAS and campus affairs concerning Latin American Studies and to provide a voice regarding the direction of the LLILAS program. ILASSA provides orientation activities and also sends representatives to the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) and other campus activities. Membership is open to all LLILAS students.

The association sponsors activities to foster exchanges on Latin American topics; to encourage involvement with the Latino community; to collect aid funds for disaster relief in Latin America; and to help in new student orientation. ILASSA also helps provide job- and internship-seeking services for graduate and undergraduate students. The annual Latin American Studies Student Conference is a major responsibility of the association.

ILASSA is also social in nature, sponsoring events during the term that focus on nonacademic pursuits. These include a highly successful coed intramural sports tradition, planned and impromptu parties. The institute provides a lounge in Sid Richardson Hall 1.302 for use by association members.

ILASSA’s annual Student Conference is the oldest student-run academic conference on Latin America in the country. The ILASSA Conference offers students from UT Austin as well as other institutions in the United States and abroad the opportunity to present their research in the style and atmosphere of an academic conference. Hosting the conference gives ILASSA a unique opportunity for leadership and a chance to share that special Austin and LLILAS warmth. ILASSA is responsible for nearly 100% of the logistics and fund-raising for the conference. Traditionally, ILASSA hosts an off-campus, non-university-sponsored fund-raising event that contributes to the costs of the conference. Conference participants visiting from outside the Austin area are housed by ILASSA students during their stay in Austin. The conference is funded by LLILAS, various academic departments within the University of Texas, and other events. Local businesses are solicited for contributions or discounts for the conference participants as well.

2017-2018 ILASSA Officers
Co-Chairs: Andrea Clark and Juan Tiney
Secretary: Lynda Gonzalez
Social Chair: Jiyoung Reina Kim
GSA Rep: Eric Nava-Perez
Conference Chairs: Nathalia Ochoa, Fatima Valdivia and Gerónimo Barrera

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