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Chile Hosts International Marine Protected Areas Congress #IMPAC4


Chile will host the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress, IMPAC4, which will be held in La Serena – Coquimbo September 4-8, 2017. Hashtag: 

The organizers are launching the official IMPAC4 Chile website that will provide the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) community, the basic information about the congress.

The transdisciplinary nature of topics related to MPAs will be covered by a broad and diverse program. The have structured IMPAC4 to be an good opportunity to learn about experts and peers around the world but especially to interact, socialize and discuss ideas, points of view and initiatives.

IMPAC4 takes place Monday-Friday with each day dedicated to overarching theme with more specific subthemes or streams to structure the sessions and discussion. Livestreaming video is available for some segments via Zoom.

Monday – Opening

Tuesday – MPAs and Global change

Wednesday – MPAs and coastal communities

Thursday – Effective/successful management of MPAs

Friday – MPAs & shared future visions


Will the congress have live and archived video? = ¿Tendrá el congreso video en vivo y archivado?

Will presentations be archived online? = ¿Se archivarán las presentaciones en línea?

What would locals like visitors to know about Chile? = Qué les gustaría a la gente local que los visitantes saber de Chile?

Among the announcements

Heraldo Muñoz, Foreign Affairs Minister of Chile, announced the creation of three new marine protected areas. One in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago with 480.000km2, another one in Cabo de Hornos, Diego Ramirez Island with 147.000km2 and the last one in Rapa Nui with 700.000km2. With this, the percentage of protected marine areas in Chile would triple it’s marine protected areas, reaching an area of 1.5 millon km2, double the amount of continental Chile protected areas”.

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