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Indigenous Tourism Guidelines (2017)


G Adventures has published guidelines intended to improve the well-being of Indigenous communities through tourism. Indigenous People and the Travel Industry: Global Good Practice Guidelines were developed over the course of a year by the George Washington University International Institute of Tourism Studies, G Adventures and the Planeterra Foundation—are intended for use by travel companies that work with Indigenous communities around the world.

Project partners will work with travel companies over the next 12 months to pilot test the guidelines and ensure their applicability. The results of the pilot testing will be incorporated into a final document.

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  • What are Indigenous tourism experiences?
  • What sort of Indigenous tourism experiences will be used to test the guidelines?
  • Are any of Indigenous peoples pictured in the report named? What was the protocol of including photos?
  • How can global good practices be reviewed by 1) Indigenous peoples and 2) potential visitors?



The expert review panel included Keith Henry, President & CEO, and Casey Vanden Heuval, Director of Business Development & Partnerships, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada; Ben Sherman, Chairman, World Indigenous Tourism Alliance; Camille Ferguson, Executive Director, American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association; Jaranya Daengnoy, Director, Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute; Edward Hall III, Transportation Specialist & Tourism Coordinator, Bureau of Indian A airs, U.S. Department of Interior; John King, Chairman, Southern Travel Holdings Ltd.; and Judy Kepher Gona, Founder, Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda.


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