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The Australian Twitter account – @IndigenousX – is a national and global conversation starter featuring achievements, observations, and life stories of Aboriginal and Indigenous hosts.

Each week the account is hosted by a different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person.

The account was launched by digital pioneer Luke Pearson in 2012. Since then it has risen to more than 72,000 followers.

Key Links

Invasion Day – IndigenousX
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Appropriate terminology for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – it’s complicated

Recommended Listening
The voices behind IndigenousX – IndigenousX is one of Australia’s leading online platforms featuring true representations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, and it’s only going to get bigger and louder.

The Twitter phenomenon that is @IndigenousX – Teacher and digital strategist Luke Pearson took his personal twitter account and turned it into something extraordinary: a platform for other indigenous Australians to showcase indigenous excellence.

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