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One of the tools on the social web, Instagram instagram.com is a popular photography sharing website. Initial release: October 6, 2010

Also see: #instagrammable

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Digital Literacy Quiz Questions

  • Have you created an account on Instagram?
  • Have you liked a friend’s photo?
  • Have you uploaded photos?


The Instagrammability of a destination is apparently now the number one motivation for booking a holiday for millennials. Is it sucking the joy out of travel, or is social approval through travel nothing new? – Justin Francis

I enjoy Instagram more with the opportunity of checking out some friends and family, some of whom are only on Instagram. That said, I’m not your typical engaged Instagram fan. It lacks the Creative Commons license options that Flickr has.

Thinking about Instagram and what makes ‘instagrammable’ places and experiences. Is it now wrong to visit aesthetically beautiful places? And now do we turn this to mutual advantage – by showing something that benefits the visitor and the visited. I’ll take friends to Seven Magic Mountains while we have the chance. Viva Land Art! Viva Local Travel. Viva Instagram!

This video proves we’re all just taking the same Instagram pictures

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