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Indigenous Peoples Week: Gamification 2017

Poster: Fidel Domingo Clemente Rodriguez, Gamification On

Planeta.com’s seventh annual celebration of social web storytelling about Indigenous peoples and tourism around the world — Indigenous Peoples Week takes place August 7-13 (Monday-Sunday).

We are asking participants to score their own engagement in the event. One of the objectives is to increase digital literacy. With that in mind, we are developing a point system for specific actions taken this week. Gamification on!

Ways to be engaged online during Indigenous Peoples Week

• Promote the event via face-to-face conversation, online your own social web channels and by sharing / liking / hearting other people’s #ipw7 posts. A little encouragement goes a long way!

• Develop an online presentation to be shared during Indigenous Peoples Week. The presentation can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. It could be a YouTube video, a Flickr album, a YouTube playlist or a Slideshare presentation. Give us something we can embed and promote. Deadline: August 31

• Participate in live public video before, during and after the week. Be a viewer and a creator. We’d love to see your #Periscope and #FacebookLIve videos with Indigenous culture in the spotlight.

• Suggest edits for Planeta.com. 20+ years running and we are just getting started here. Help us embed local and Indigenous culture on our relevant pages.

• Open your heart. Effective Indigenous tourism is mutually beneficial.

Be Engaged: How to participate in the natural world

These suggestions are specific and work year round, but Indigenous Peoples Week is a great time to start!

  • Host or join local events on the ground.
  • Take a tour: There are many Indigenous guides and tour companies. Ask for them, look for them and buy a ticket.
  • Visit a museum: Seek out museums that work with Indigenous peoples With permission, please share photos on Facebook and Twitter. Bonus points if you share photos on Flickr in the World Museums Group.
  • Buy a craft: Support Indigenous artisans by purchasing an authentic Indigenous craft. Bonus points if you share photos on Flickr in the World Crafts Group.
  • Create supportive work spaces: Your workplace or school can support Indigenous Peoples Week. Support staff, students and colleagues with resources.
  • Schedule some Indigenous language time: Allocate time for an Indigenous language lesson. You might learn how to say hello or you dive deeper
  • Make a sign: Put bilingual signs up where you are – signs are a visible way of showing that Indigenous languages are valued.

Computer Basics

5 points for backing up your hard drive


5 points for writing down your passwords in a secure spot

5 points for using your passwords to login on multiple devices


1 point for connecting a bluetooth device

Browser Basics

1 point for bookmarking IPW7

5 points for cleaning up your bookmarks

5 points for syncing bookmarks across devices

Smartphone Basics

1 point for logging into Twitter

1 point for logging into Facebook

5 points for uploading photos to your computer


10 points for registering on Eventbrite

5 points for sharing the event

5 points for creating your own event


10 point for joining the IPW7 event

10 points for joining Indigenous Tourism

1 point for each relevant #IPW7 post and comment


1 point for each #ipw7 relevant tweet
1 point for each #ipw7 retweet

5 points for creating an Indigenous-focused Twitter Moment


1 point for each thumbs up to an Indigenous video

5 points for creating an Indigenous-focused YouTube playlist

5 points for watching QandA at the Garma Festival:


5 points for uploading photos to your computer

5 points for retrieving a photo from your computer and sharing in public.

5 points for digitizing, scanning or taking a picture of a photo and sharing in public

10 point for digitizing old video and sharing in public

Live Video

1 point for watching live video

5 points for posting live video – even if it’s a demo


1 point for making a Hangout call


1 point for making a Skype call

Google Docs

1 point for editing a Google Doc

1 point for setting up a Google Doc

Voice Writing

1 point for composing a message or tweet using your voice

Planeta Wiki

5 points for an update

Year of Open

5 points for sharing a document, presentation, photo or video with a Creative Commons license. 

Bonus Points for those in Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico

10 points for saying hello to Fidel Domingo Clemente Rodriguez at the Pochote Xochimilco Market. Bonus points if you greet him in his local Mixtec language.

10 points for saying hello to Rodrigo Martinez at the La Cosecha market. Bonus points if you greet him in his local Ayuuk language.

1 point for liking a tweet with the hashtag #usatuvoz



Indigenous Peoples Week 2017


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