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Indigenous Peoples Week 2018


2018’s Indigenous Peoples Week (IPW) was Planeta.com’s eighth annual celebration of Indigenous Peoples and travel and tourism. Our online unconference took place online August 6-12. Thanks for supporting Indigenous tourism. Read on to find out what you can do next.

How this works
Indigenous Peoples Week is free to all and conducted online. Participants are asked to fill out a short survey as registration. Most of the conversation is conducted in English, but answers can be in your first language (and we’ll figure out the translation later).

We ask that those interested in Indigenous tourism check out for themselves how options are presented online. Responses can be posted to the questions on the survey, on this page, or as tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook.

2018 might be our last year of hosting Indigenous Peoples Week but it will not diminish our support of Indigenous tourism. We ask participants to review the readings we’ve published and updated this year. Comments and suggestions are welcome as we focus attention on 2019’s International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Who can participate?
Everyone’s invited. This online conference connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples around the world. If you’re keen on making better experiences for all via Indigenous tourism, this is the week to listen, learn and check how things are doing around the globe.


Social Web Literacy
Logins on Facebook and Twitter are not required to check out posts, but for those who do have accounts, we ask that you join and share our Facebook event page — facebook.com/events/442260522952889 — and follow and share our tweets on Twitter.
Share a link with your followers.

Hashtags: #ipw8 and #IndigenousPeoplesWeek

Partnerships are available for related workshops.

Please read and comment on Planeta.com.
Please dedicate time this week to focus on Indigenous tourism.


  • What Indigenous tourism experiences / tours / crafts can you recommend = ¿Qué experiencias / viajes / artesanías indígenas puede recomendar?
  • On whose native lands are you standing / visiting? = ¿En qué tierras nativas estás parado / visitando?
  • How can we improve Indigenous travel and tourism? = ¿Cómo podemos mejorar los viajes y el turismo indígena?
  • What is the status of the participants and winners of the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website award? = ¿Cuál es el estado de los participantes y ganadores del premio del sitio web de Turismo Indígena y Biodiversidad?
  • How can we celebrate 2019, the International Year of Indigenous Languages? = ¿Cómo podemos celebrar 2019, el Año Internacional de las Lenguas Indígenas?
  • What are the timely Indigenous issues we should be paying attention? = ¿Cuáles son los temas indígenas oportunos a los que deberíamos prestar atención?
  • What upcoming events / publications should we be aware = ¿Qué próximos eventos / publicaciones deberíamos conocer?

Questions for Indigenous artisans

  • Any suggestions on promoting your latest creations?
  • Do you have a public account on Facebook? Twitter?
  • Do you have photos / video online?
  • What are the easiest ways of transferring money and packages?

Questions for Indigenous guides, accommodation providers and others in tourism

  • Any suggestions on promoting your latest creations?
  • Do you have a public account on Facebook? Twitter?
  • Do you have photos / video online?
  • How can visitors make a reservation?

New and updated features from the USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden


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