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Tuesday, 2018 Indigenous Peoples Week


Tuesday. Day Two. August 7, 2018. We continue our celebration of Indigenous travel and tourism around the globe. This is our eighth year of hosting this online unconference, conversations found online Twitter and Facebook and as comments and responses posted on Planeta.com.

Special kudos to Carla Felsted and Marianela Camacho for their contributions and registrations.

An unconference differs from the traditional variety in that the participants themselves develop topics they wish to pursue. Planeta.com simply collects the questions and responses and publishes or embeds them online. We are weaving the web and during Indigenous Peoples Week, we are weaving the web with actual weavers. Saludos [email protected] de Teotitlán del Valle.

That said, our event includes registration and we hope you have time to register.


Question of the Day
On whose native lands are you standing / visiting? = ¿En qué tierras nativas estás parado / visitando?


Social Web Challenge
Please include the hashtags #ipw8 and #IndigenousPeoplesWeek on your posts

Facebook – Register on the Facebook event page — https://www.facebook.com/events/442260522952889. Share the event on your timeline and in relevant groups.
Facebook – Introduce your background and interest in Indigenous travel and tourism
Facebook – Upload live and recorded video
Twitter – Introduce your background and interest in Indigenous travel and tourism
Twitter – Follow others working on Indigenous cultures and timely issues
Twitter – Like and share our Twitter moment

If you are new to the social web, write down your account and password in a secure location.

Please post or tweet your contribution today.

Status Report
Behind the scenes at Planeta.com – Developing a new page about the Pemón. Updating our preview of Māori Language Week. Transferring links about Baja California and Sonora from our wiki to this site.

Some of our conversations are taking place this week via private audio and video calls. When would you like to talk?

Last night’s wine: Ranga ranga from New Zealand. Cool Māori word, literally cool breeze.

Thursday is August 9, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Options for visitors seeking out food, crafts and trips from Indigenous peoples need an upgrade. For many of our friends, the problem is undertourism, not overtourism.  Example: some artisans in Oaxaca would like people to visit their homes in a responsible manner, of course. How do we connect visitors with our friends in their workshops and market stalls?

FYI, this is a topic further explored on Facebook via the Oaxaca Market / Mercados de Oaxaca group — https://www.facebook.com/groups/mercadosdeoaxaca/

How This Works
Each day this week Planeta.com will host an online social web challenge. Next week we’ll tabulate the points and announce winners by giving kudos to those who contribute.

This conversation is free and open to everyone – Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, those who work in travel and tourism proper and those who work on the fringes or outside traditional definitions of ‘tourism provider’ or ‘guide.’


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