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The March 4-8, 2020 ITB Berlin Convention has been cancelled. News release: “Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of Economics have stated their opinion that ITB Berlin be cancelled.”

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Next ITB event: March 10-14, 2021. Meanwhile, participants are hosting online conversations. We’ll post links on this page, starting with Global Ecotourism Network’s globalecotourismnetwork.org/event/itb-berlin_2020

Making the most of a cancelled event
Despite the cancellation and in many cases because of it, there are a number of discussions, videos and chats taking place using the Internet as a means of sharing information and networking.

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2020 Headlines

Spotlight on the Tourism 2030 Webinar
Wednesday, March 4, 4-5pm CET
Tourism2030 Online: SDG2030 and Travel Green Planet Initiative

Ron Mader: Kudos to the organizers and participants. There were about 2 dozen viewers and an opportunity to chat/post questions. Again, kudos. Mainstreaming is livestreaming AND archived video. That said, my personal reaction is mixed. There was a lot of talk about projects in development that are not integrated in the social web. In the worst scenario, we are building new info silos for bureaucrats rather than addressing, engaging, and responding to the public.

Key Links
Press Releases
CSR Program (PDF)
Virtual Marketplace
Virtual Convention


  • Who benefits from attending the ITB?
  • What are the outcomes of the ITB?
  • Who exhibits and who attends the event?
  • Is there a directory of participants?
  • How will ITB2021 different from ITB2019?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Berlin?
  • Is there live or recorded video? (Yes)



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