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Ecological Dimensions of Tourism and Protected Areas


Fans of ecotourism / responsible travel / and visits to parks and protected areas, join us as we watch the live webinar today, 9pm UTC: Ecological Dimensions of Tourism and Protected Areas


Oliver Hillel, Convention on Biological Diversity

Ronda Green, Wildlife Tourism Australia

Glenn Jampol, Global Ecotourism Association


  • How has COVID19 changed the way that global environmental events are organized for face-to-face and remote participant engagement and what can we expect from upcoming 2021 events hosted by the IUCN, CBD, and others?
  • Where are TAPAS webinars archived?
  • What would insiders like others to know about the IUCN, the Convention on Biological Diversity, Wildlife Tourism Australia and the Global Ecotourism Association
  • Is there a directory of members (with links to websites and social media accounts) of the Tourism and Protected Area Specialists Group?
  • 2022-2032 is the UN’s International Decade of Indigenous Languages. How do we connect this celebration with biodiversity conservation, parks and protected areas, and travel and tourism?
  • Would you be interested in revisiting the topic of parks and tourism during February’s Responsible Travel Week?


The Tourism and Protected Area Specialists Group is holding webinar sessions for the VITAL SITES: Journey to Marseille. The idea is to cover the ecological, social, and economic importance of tourism in protected areas and how they relate to this pandemic issue. We know that WCPA members have demonstrated concern about tourism dependence in communities surrounding PA and that WCPA suggested finding other alternatives. Within TAPAS, we would like to show another perspective, the pandemic demonstrated how important tourism/visitation is for protected areas and that we (IUCN as a whole) should increase efforts to promote sustainable tourism development and find ways to make it more resilient in and around protected areas.

This series focus is to engage professionals and conservationists outside of our sustainable tourism community, and perhaps those that have resistance to tourism. In the past, the tourism theme has not been approved as part of the WCPA, yet we have an opportunity to highlight connections between sustainable tourism and conservation globally.  

This webinar will focus on the ecological dimensions of tourism and protected area management during times of COVID-19.


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