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International Year of Caves and Karst


Our deep dive continues after the 2021 International Year of Caves and Karst organized by the International Union of Speleology, the worldwide organization of cave and karst explorers, scientists, managers, and educators.

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  • How is the International Year of Caves and Karst translated in other languages? = ¿Cómo se traduce el Año Internacional de las Cuevas y el Carso a otros idiomas?

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Explore, understand, and protect

• improve public understanding of how caves and karst touch the daily lives of billions of people
• promote the importance of caves and karst through sustainable development, particularly in water quality and quantity, agriculture, geotourism/ecotourism, and natural/cultural heritage
• demonstrate how the study and proper management of caves and karst is critical to global economic and environmental health
• build worldwide educational capacity through activities targeted on cave and karst science
• promote awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of cave and karst science and management, and emphasize how interactions between different areas of science and management will be needed increasingly in future research, education, and environmental protection
• establish durable partnerships to ensure that these activities, goals and achievements continue in the future beyond the International Year of Caves and Karst.

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