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World Ecotourism Summit (2002)


The World Ecotourism Summit, was held in Quebec City, Canada May 19-22, 2002. The Summit was an initiative of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It was hosted by Tourisme Québec and the Canadian Tourism Commission.


The United Nations declared 2002 the International Year of Ecotourism.

The declaration came as a result of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD)-related meeting of the Ad-Hoc (Inter-Agency) Working Group on Tourism, convened at Heredia, Costa Rica in 1999 in which the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) were mandated to work together toward a World Ecotourism Summit.

Questions = Preguntas

In 2022 Planeta.com asks readers / listeners / viewers to assess the state of ecotourism around the globe, reflect on lessons learned, and digitize materials, photos, and videos from that time.

  • Are there videos from any of the 2002 meetings or summit? = ¿Hay videos de alguna de las reuniones o cumbre de 2002?
  • How will the 20th anniversary be commemorated in 2022? = ¿Cómo se conmemorará el 20 aniversario en 2022?
  • Is there an archive of the www.ecotourism2002.org website? = ¿Existe un archivo del sitio web www.ecotourism2002.org?
  • Are there archives of the Yahoo Groups? = ¿Existen archivos de los Grupos de Yahoo?
  • Do UNEP and UNWTO have any archives from the International Year and Summit? = ¿Tienen el PNUMA y la OMT algún archivo del Año Internacional y la Cumbre?


Elsewhere on the Web
ecotourism2002.org (dead link)

e-unwto.org – This report contains the summaries of the debates held and conclusions reached at the World Ecotourism Summit and its preparatory process, as well as the Quebec Declaration on Ecotourism. The World Ecotourism Summit, was held in Quebec City, Canada from 19 to 22 May, 2002. This was the principal event to mark 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism. The Summit was an initiative of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It was hosted by Tourisme Québec and the Canadian Tourism Commission. These four organisations were the partners responsible for the Summit. The purpose of the Summit was to bring together governments, international agencies, NGOs, tourism enterprises, representatives of local and indigenous communities, academic institutions and individuals with an interest in ecotourism, and enable them to learn from each other and identify some agreed principles and priorities for the future development and management of ecotourism. (Also on gdrc.org)


Sunday 19 May 2002

Opening Ceremony

  • Mr. Francesco Frangialli, Secretary General, World Tourism Organization
  • Mr. Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Mr. Judd Buchanan, President, Canadian Tourism Commission
  • Mr. Richard Legendre, Minister of Tourism, Québec
  • Mr. Jean-Paul Allier, Mayor of Québec City Cocktails and opening of the “Eco Rendez-vous” Reception Diner

Monday, 20 May

Introductory presentations:

• Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme
• Mr. Francesco Frangialli, Secretary General, World Tourism Organization
• Mrs Francine Cousteau , The Cousteau Society

Panel to report on regional preparatory meetings held in Africa Moderator: Ms. Omotayo Omotosho, Nigeria

• Mr. Fernando Sumbana Junior, Minister of Tourism, Mozambique
WTO Seminar on Planning, Development and Management of Ecotourism in Africa – Maputo, Mozambique, March 2001

• Mrs Simone de Comarmond, Minister for Tourism and Transport, Seychelles
WTO/UNEP Conference on Sustainable Development and Management of Ecotourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other Small Islands – Mahé, Seychelles, December 2001

• Mr. Hocine Labreche, Ministry of Tourism and Handicraft, Algeria
WTO Seminar on Sustainable Development of Ecotourism in Desert Areas – Algiers (Algeria), January 2002

• Mr. Ted Kombo, Mr. Tom Ole Sikar and Mr. Sheba Hanyurwa UNEP/TIES Conference for East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, March 2002

Debate and summary Coffee break

Panel to report on regional preparatory meetings held in Asia and the Pacific

Moderator: Mr. Sapta Nirwandar, Indonesia

• Mr. Adama Bah Bah, Tourism Concern Gambia, and Tan Chi Kiong, Ecumenical Coalition for Third World Tourism UNEP/ETE International NGO Workshop Tourism Towards 2002, New Delhi, India, September 2001

• Mr. Babu Varghese and Mr. Rajiv Bhartari

UNEP/TIES Conference for South Asia, Gangtok, India, January 2002

• Mr. Hassan Sobir, Minister of Tourism, Maldives
WTO Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Development of Ecotourism – Maldives, February 2002

• Mr. Khamlay Sipaseuth and Mrs Maria Monina Flores

UNEP/TIES Conference for Southeast Asia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, March 2002

• Mr. Amena Yauvoli, 1st. Secretary, Fiji Mission to the UN and Mr. Manoa Malani, Principal Tourism Officer, Ministry of Tourism, Fiji
WTO/APO Conference on Sustainable Development of Ecotourism in the South Pacific Islands – Fiji, April 2002

Debate and summary


Panel to report on regional preparatory meetings held in the Americas

Moderator: Mr. Hector Ceballos Lascurain, Mexico

• Mr. Luis Otavio Paiva, Vice-minister, Ministry of Tourism and Sport, President EMBRATUR, Brazil
WTO Conference on Sustainable Development and Management of Ecotourism in the Americas – Cuiabá, Brazil, August 2001

• Mrs Leyla Solano and Mr. Raúl Arias de Parra

UNEP/TIES Conference for Mesoamerica, Belize City, Belize, November 2001

• Mrs Martha Llano and Mr José Flores Velasco

UNEP/TIES Conference for Andean South America, Lima, Peru, February 2002

• Mr. Crescencio Resendiz-Hernández

Oaxaca Declaration on Indigenous Tourism Oaxaca, Mexico, March 2002

Mr. Ron Mader, journalist and editor/publisher

UNEP/WTO Sustainable Development of Ecotourism Web Conference (groups.yahoo.com/group/2002ecotourism/) April 2002

• Mr. Oscar Iriani, Advisor of the Secretary of Tourism and Sport, Argentina
Conclusions of the First National Conference on Ecotourism, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 2002

Debate and summary

Coffee break
Panel to report on regional preparatory meetings held in Europe Moderator: Ms. Sylvie Blangy, France

• Mr. Jan Kickert, Minister Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in Canada
WTO/UNEP Conference on Ecotourism in Mountain Areas: A Challenge to Sustainable Development – St. Johann / Pongau and Werfenweng, Salzburg, Austria, September 2001

• Mr. Yevgeniy Nikitinskiy, Agency for Tourism and Sport, Kazakhstan
WTO Seminar on Ecotourism – Almaty, Kazakhstan, October 2001

• Mr. Michail Modinos, President, National Centre for Environment and Sustainable Tourism, Greece
WTO Conference on the development of Ecotourism: The International Experience and the Case of Greece – Thessaloniki, Greece, November 2001

• Mrs Sarah Leonard and Mrs Ann-Kristine Vinka

TIES Conference on Arctic Countries, Hemavan, Sweden, April 2002

• Mr. Mustafa Tasar, Minister of Tourism, Turkey

Ecotourism in Turkey

Debate and summary
Free time
Shuttle to the “Vieux Port” Dinner

Welcome by Moderator Mr. Andreu Raya, Andorra

Introduction by Ms. Pamela Wight, WTO/UNEP expert

Mrs. Ellen Bertrand, Director, Parks Canada

Ecotourism Planning in Canadian Parks

Ms. Marie Lequin, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Ecotourism and Participative Governance


Mr. Gaylard Kombanwi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Industry, Wildlife and Tourism, Botswana National Ecotourism Strategy for Botswana

Mr. Robert Hepworth, Deputy Director, Division of Environmental Conventions, UNEP
Global Programme of Action, and the Management of Tourism Impacts on Coral Reefs

Mr. Oscar Santelices, National Director, Chile National Tourism Service
Integral Planning in Rural Areas: A Challenge to Ecotourism Destination Competitiveness

Mr. Michail Modinos, President, National Centre for Environment and Sustainable Tourism, Greece
The Development of Ecotourism in Greece

Ms. Paola Deda, Convention on Biological Diversity

The CBD International Guidelines for Activities Related to STD in Vulnerable Ecosystems

Open debate Coffee Break

Mrs. Odette Likikouet Bako, Minister of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, Côte d’Ivoire
Ecotourism Policy and Planning in Côte d’Ivoire

Mr. Alton Byers, The Mountain Institute

Contemporary Ecosystem Changes in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Mr. Ferney Piou, Ministry of Tourism, Haiti

Ecotourism Planning, on the Way of the 200 Years of Independence in Haiti

Mr. Henk Eggink, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries, The Netherlands
Policy of the Netherlands on International Sustainable Tourism

Mr. Reinhard Klein, Unit Tourism, European Commission

The European Union Activities for Sustainable Tourism: Using Natural and Cultural Heritage in Less Frequented Areas

Open debate Lunch

Moderator: Ms. Mercedes Silva, Caribbean Tourism Organization

Mrs. Drocella Mugorewera, Secretary of State in charge of Environment Protection, Rwanda. Ecotourism Planning.

Mrs. Belia Contreras, “Mundo Maya” Organization, El Salvador Ecotourism Planning Components in the Maya World

Mr. Bruno Faréniaux, Tourism Director, Ministry of Equipment, Transports, Housing and Tourism, France. Ecotourism in France

Mrs. Frauke Fleisher-Dogley, Ministry of Environment, Seychelles
Planning of Ecotourism in a Small Island Context: A Trend or a Challenge?

Open debate

Ms. Lucila Egydio, Ministry of Environment, Brazil

Programme for the Development of Ecotourism for the Legal Amazon

Mr. Pierre Diouf, Ministry of Tourism, Senegal

Ecotourism Policy, Planning, Management and Development in Senegal

Dr. Ben G. Moses, High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania in Canada
Ecotourism Development in Tanzania: The Sustainability Challenge

Open debate

Coffee break
Debate and drafting of preliminary conclusions of Theme A

Theme B: Regulation of ecotourism

8.30 a.m. – 9.45 a.m.

Welcome by Moderator Ms. Megan Epler Wood, TIES

Theme B introduction by Mr. Francesc Giró, WTO/UNEP expert (20 minutes)

Ms. Jennifer Sipkens, Executive Director, Sustainable Tourism Association of Canada and Mrs. Sherry Sian Inuvialuit, Environmental and Geotechnical, Inc. Ecotourism: Assessing the Need for Quality Control and Continual Improvement Using Canadian Standards

Mr. Jean Bédard and Mrs. Élyse Lauzon, Société Duvetnor limitée and “Le Québec Maritime”
Control and Regulation of Ecotourism (10 minutes)


Mr. Mario Magdaleno Peralta, Normalisation and Certification Director, Tourism Secretariat, Mexico Normalization for Tourism Activities

Mr. Peter O’Reilly, Ecotourism Association of Australia, Australia
The Secret of our Success – sharing Expertise in Ecotourism certification

Mr. Kazuo Aichi, President, Japan Ecotourism Society, Japan

Regulation of Ecotourism

Mr. Hitesh Mehta, EDSA – Edward D. Jr. and Associates, USA
A Case for International Ecolodge Certification

Mr. Youn-Taek Lee, Korea Tourism Research Institute (KTRI), Republic of Korea
Ecotourism Management Triangle: A Future Direction for International Co-operation

Open debate Coffee Break

Mr. Naut Kusters, European Centre for Eco & agro Tourism, The Netherlands
VISIT: Moving the European Tourism Market towards Sustainability

Mr. Marc Marengo, Ministry of Tourism & Transport, Seychelles
Regulation of Ecotourism in a Small Island Context

Mr. Oscar Iroldi, Polytechnic Centre of the “Cono Sur”, Uruguay
Fast Ecotourism Evaluations

Mr. Gordon Clifford, Consulting and Audit Canada, Federal Government, Canada
Indicators of Sustainability in Tourism

Mrs. Rachel Wieting, EUROPARC Federation

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: A Practical Tool for Implementation of the International Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism

Open debate
Moderator: Ms. Heba Aziz, Oman

Ms. Sigrid Hockamp-Mack, Federal Ministry of Environment, Germany
Draft International Guidelines on Sustainable Tourism in Vulnerable Ecosystems

Mr. Ary Sendjaja Suhandi, INDECON, Indonesia

Visitor Impact Management at Bodogol Education Centre

Mr. Ronald Sanabria, Rainforest Alliance

Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council – Progress Report on the Feasibility to Create an Accreditation Body for Sustainable Tourism Certification

Open debate
Mr. Rajiv Bhartari, Wildlife Institute of India, India

Corbett Binsar Nainital (CBN) Ecotourism Initiative

Mrs. Victoria Otarola, Mr. Alejandro Reyes and Mr. Fernando Leon, San Ignacio de Loyola University, Peru National Programme of Sustainability Certification

Mr. Manfred Pils, International Friends of Nature, Austria

Red Card for Tourism? 10 Principles and Challenges for a Sustainable Tourism Development in the 21st Century

Mgr. Piero Monni, Holy See

Ecotourism and Ethics

Theme C: Product development and marketing of ecotourism

Welcome by Moderator, Mr John Ap, Hong Kong, SAR of the P. R. of China

Theme C introduction by Mr. Richard Denman, WTO/UNEP Expert

Mr. Celes Davar, President, Earth Rhythms Inc.

Attracting the World through the Power of Partnerships

Mr. Raymond Desjardins, Québec Society of Outdoors Establishments
Promotion in Québec’s Parks


Mr. Gede Ardika, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Indonesia

Ecotourism as a Tool for Nature and Culture conservation

Mr. Helmut Krüger, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany
Product Development and Marketing of Ecotourism in Germany

Mrs. María Hernández, Vice-minister of Tourism, Venezuela

Ecotourism in Venezuela: Encounters, Experiences, Reflections and Proposals

Mr. Marcos Vidalon and Mr. Rafael Metaki, Casa Machiguenga, Peru

Open debate Coffee Break

Ms. Maria José Viñals, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Ramsar Convention Project: Tools for the Management of Sustainable Tourism in Wetlands

Mr. Costas Christ, Conservation International

Global Initiatives with Positive Implications to the Sustainability Challenge

Mr. Héctor Ceballos-Lascuráin, Programme of International Consultancy on Ecotourism (PICE), Mexico
The need for environmentally-friendly tourism facilities in protected areas: case study from Mexico

Mr. Michael Seltzer and Mr. Ben Sherman, Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST), USA

Indian Country Tourism USA Online Directory

Open debate
Moderator: Prof. Don Hawkins, USA

Mr. Mathe Kasereka, Economic Operator in Tourism Sector, Democratic Republic of Congo
Ecotourism Advantages and Costs Monitoring in Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. Jonathan B. Tourtellot, National Geographic Society, USA
Moving Ecotourism beyond its Niche

Mr. Carlos Maldonado, International Labour Organization (ILO)
Entrepreneurial Services for Tourism Development with Indigenous Communities

Mr. Frans de Man, Retour Foundation

Representing Local Interests in Tourism Marketing & Information

Open debate

Ms. Jane Robertson, UNESCO, Man & Biosphere Programme
Ecotourism in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves

Ms. Bely Pires, Sao Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve, Brazil
Green Belt Tourist Cluster: A Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy

Mr. Carlo Alberto Graziani, Italian Federation of Natural Parks and Reserves, Italy
Development of ecotourism in Italy

Open debate
Coffee break
Debate and drafting of preliminary conclusions of Theme C

Theme D: Monitoring costs and benefits of ecotourism

Welcome by Moderator, Mr. Klaus Lengefeld, Germany

Theme D introduction by Mr. François Vellas, WTO/UNEP expert

Mrs. Guylaine Gill, General Director, Société touristique des autochtones du Québec and Mr. Dwayne Hounsell, President, Equipe Canada tourisme autochtone
Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecotourism for Canadian Aboriginal Societies.

Mr. Johnny Adams, Kativik Regional Government

Development in Provincial Parks in Nunavik


Dr. Maciá Blázquez, Balearic Islands Centre of Tourism Technologies and Research, Spain
The Public Sector Role in Tourist-used Natural Spaces

Mrs. Alison Johnston, International Support for Sustainable Tourism, Canada
The Meeting of Peoples through Ecotourism: Is the Sacred for Sale?

Mrs. Nina Rao, EQUATIONS

Indigenous Peoples Interfaith Dialogue

Mr. David Diaz Benavides, Chief, Trade in Services, UNCTAD
GATS Negotiations on Trade in Services: impact on the sustainability of ecotourism

Open debate Coffee Break

Dr Theodros Atlabachew, Ethiopian Tourism Commission, Ethiopia

The Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Travel & Tourism Enterprises in the Least Developed Countries and their Comparative Advantages for a Sustainable Development

Dr. Luis Castelli, President, Fundación Naturaleza para el Futuro, Argentina
Natural Areas under risk, a risk for ecotourism

Mr. Nataranjan Ishwaran, UNESCO-World Heritage Centre, Chief of Natural Heritage, Mr. Harry Dgoko Susilo, Ujung kulon and komodo National Parks, Ministry of forestry and

Estate Crops, Indonesia, and Mr. Ezuma, Uganda wildlife Authority, Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Uganda Engaging the Tourism Industry and Communities for Enhanced World Heritage Site Protection

Mr. Ravindra Corea, Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, Sri Lanka
How Ecotourism can be the Economic Base for the Economically & Biologically Sustainable Management of Biodiversity & a new Concept of Ecotourism Resort

Ms. Penny Urquhart, Khanya: Managing Rural Change, South Africa
Poverty Eradication and Ecotourism: the Role of Multi- Stakeholder Participation Processes

Open debate


Moderator: Mr. Costas Christ, Conservation International

Mr. Louis Jolin, International Bureau of Social Tourism

Ecotourism Development

Mr. Guilherme Magalhaes, Brazilian Tourist Board, Brazil

Destinations of Ecotourism

Mr. Fabien Paquier and Mrs. Tiana Razafindrakoto, Environment Support Service, Madagascar Community-based Ecotourism Beginnings in Madagascar: Towards a Natural Resources Sustainable Management Support

Mr. Brett Jenks, Rare Center for Tropical Conservation, USA

Ecotourism as a tool for conservation

Open debate
Mr. Ralph Buckley, Griffith University, Australia

A global Triple-bottom-line Report Card for Ecotourism

Mr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Minister of Tourism and Information, Kenya
Ecotourism Development in Kenya

Mr. Jovan Popesku, Centre for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Development, Yugoslavia
Ecotourism – A Tool for Sustainable Tourism Development in Serbia

4.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. Coffee break
4.30 p.m.– 5.30 p.m. Debate and drafting of preliminary conclusions of Theme D

Wednesday, 22 May
• Ministerial forum (plenary)

Moderator: Dr. Dawid de Villiers, Deputy-Secretary General, World Tourism Organization

Interventions by:

Mr. Djamel Kouidrat, Secretary-General, Ministry of Tourism & Handicrafts, Algeria

Ms. Prhyne Michael, Director General, Cyprus Tourism Organization, Cyprus

Mr. Shadik Malik, High Commission for Pakistan in Canada, Pakistan

Ms. Sallama Shaker, Ambassador of Egypt in Canada, Egypt

Mr. Nuth Nin Doeurn, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cambodia

Mr. Angel Penciu, Secretary-General, Ministry of Tourism, Romania

Mr. Geoffrey Lipman, Special Advisor on Trade in Tourism Services, World Tourism Organization

Ing. Hugo Galli Romañach, Minister of Tourism, Paraguay

Ms. Olga Adellach, Minister of Agriculture and Environment, and Mr. Enric Dolsa, Mayor of Ordino, Andorra

Mr. Oscar Palabyab, Under-secretary of Tourism, Philippines Mr. Mateo Estrella, Vice-minister of Tourism, Ecuador

Dr. Prathap Ramanujam, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Sri Lanka

Mr. Harbans Singh, Minister of Forests, Biodiversity and Transport, Madhya Pradesh, India

Mr. Gastón Lasarte, Ambassador of Uruguay in Canada, Uruguay

Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez de la Vega, Vice-Minister of Tourism, Cuba

Dr. Ken Lipenga, Minister of Tourism, Malawi

Mrs. Boma Bromillow Jack, Minister of culture and Tourism, Nigeria

Mr. M.A. Sabur, Commercial Counsellor, Bangladesh High Commission in Canada, Bangladesh

• Forum 1: The ecotourism business perspective (in parallel with Forum 2)

Introduction by Mr. Oliver Hillel, UNEP Moderator: Mrs. Megan Epler Wood, TIES

Mr. Stannely Selengut, Maho Bay Camps and Resort, US Virgin Islands

Mr. Bruce Poon Tip, G.A.P. Adventures, Canada

Raul Arias de Parra, The Canopy Tower, Panama

Mr. Babu Varghese, India

• Forum 2: Development cooperation for Ecotourism (In parallel with Forum 1)

Introduction by Mr. Eugenio Yunis, WTO

Moderator: Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas, Germany

Mr. Valentim J. Alicerces, Minister of Tourism, Angola

Political co-operation in ecotourism in Southern Africa

Ms. Sarah Timpson, Head, GEF/UNDP Small Grants Programme

Mr. Marcel Leijzer, SNV Netherlands Organisation, The Netherlands
Development Organisations and Sustainable Development

Mrs Damira Raeva, Swiss Association for International Co- operation, Kyrgyzstan
Business Promotion Sub-Project: Community based Tourism Development in Kyrgyzstan

Mr. Burghard Rauschelbach, GTZ, Germany

The Pros and Cons of Regional Ecotourism Routes: The Experience of “Ruta Verde Centroamericana”, the Central American Green Route

Mr. Juan Luna-Kelser, Sr. Operational Specialist, Tourism Sector, Inter-American Development Bank


Reports Working Groups A and B Conclusions, recommendations and debate

Reports Working Groups C and D Conclusions, recommendations and debate

Coffee break

Announcements of Related Future Activities, among others:

The Bishkek Mountain Summit (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, November 2002)

(Galicia, Spain, October 2002)

Ecotourism Conference
(Cairns, Australia, October 2002)

PECC – Ecuador

Final plenary session

Presentation of Draft Québec City Declaration on Ecotourism Final comments and debate
Closing Ceremony

Québec night reception and closing dinner

IYE 2002


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