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From the archives:

The Sustainable Development of Ecotourism Web Conference, organized by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Tourism Organization, took place online in April 2002. The conference was moderated by Mr. Ron Mader, author and webhost of the Website, who presented the results at the World Ecotourism Summit held in Quebec City, Canada, May 19-22, 2002.

The event attracted nearly 900 registered participants from 88 countries.

The prime objective of this web-conference was to provide an easy access forum for a wide range of stakeholders involved in ecotourism to exchange experiences and voice comments, especially for those who have not been able to attend regional preparatory conferences that have taken place in the past year.

Discussion was focused on the four main subject themes defined for the IYE process:

1. Ecotourism Policy and Planning: The Sustainability Challenge

2. Regulation of Ecotourism: Institutional Responsibilities and Frameworks

3. Product Development, Marketing and Promotion of Ecotourism: Fostering Sustainable Products and Consumers

4. Monitoring Costs and Benefits of Ecotourism: Ensuring Equitable Distribution among all Stakeholders

The Final Report in English, Spanish and French; participation statistics and background documents of the Ecotourism Web-Conference are available at UNWTO

Of related interest are the archives in the IYE 2002 Forum

In April 2002 at the request of UNEP and UNWTO, Planeta website founder Ron Mader developed and moderated the Sustainable Development of Ecotourism Web Conference.

Disappearing in December 2019

Final Report


IYE 2002

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