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Wikipedia: The Great East Japan Earthquake: The March 11, 2011 earthquake that hit the Northeast regions of Japan was not only the largest in the country’s recorded history, but it also resulted in damage spread throughout the Northeastern coast, including many rural communities now semi-isolated due to limited road access and a severe lack of relief supplies across the region.

“RQ” Citizens Disaster Relief Network (RQ市民災救援センター): The nation-wide network of NGOs, citizens groups, nature schools, adventure companies, educational institutions and individual supporters (“RQ” is short for “rescue”) was established shortly after the earthquake and tsunami, led by the National Ecotourism Center. Over the course of the first nine months (March-December 2011), RQ established seven volunteer-run support centers across eastern Japan and mobilized hundreds of volunteers to support local relief and rebuilding efforts. As of December 17th, 2011, RQ Citizens Disaster Relief Network officially concluded its mission, with parts of the organization’s activities carried over to a new organization “RQ Citizens Disaster Education Center (般社団法人RQ災害教育センタ)

“RQ” Citizens Disaster Education Center: Continuing on the work started by RQ Citizens Disaster Relief Network, the Center aims to provide long-term support for communities affected by the Great East Japan Earthquakes by supporting and promoting independent efforts led mostly by local community members. In addition, the Center’s long-term mission focuses on grassroots disaster education.

Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation aims at providing innovative and practical recommendations toward the reconstruction of the Japanese socio-economic system.


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