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Spotlight on Jennifer Morfín Morgan

The 2005 Colibri Ecotourism Award was presented to Jennifer Morfín Morgan for her work with communities and facilitating tech tools useful for those developing ecotourism. She received her Masters in Sustainable Tourism at the UCI in Costa Rica and then was part of the Colegio Mexicano de Ecoturismo with Marlene Ehrenberg and Jorge Chávez de la Peña (RIP). They collaborated in the Manual de Buenas Prácticas del Ecouturismo published by SEMARNAT in 2006. (Link?).

She is currently living in San Antonio, Texas with her two children, doing some Life, Mindfulness, and Organizational Coaching. She facilitates a Facebook Page to promote high vibes, is an energy worker, has been practicing meditation for four years, is part of a Contemplative Prayer Community (oracioncontemplativa.org) Promotes green products and deeply enjoys nature walks.

She is a co-producer and co-conducter of an opinion show with other 6 women called Da+Más (to give more) (Facebook: @Damascontodo) as part of their way of contributing more to society.

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2005 Colibri Ecotourism Award
The 2005 Colibri Ecotourism Award was presented to Jennifer Morfín Morgan for her work with communities and making high tech tools useful for those developing ecotourism.

Jennifer Morfín Morgan’s interest in ecotourism began when she began working at the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund (FMCN) and took part in several online conferences hosted by Planeta.com to see whether tourism could benefit conservation.

Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at Mexico City’s Universidad Iberoamericana and recently received a masters degree in Sustainable Tourism Management from the International Cooperation University of Costa Rica.

Her tenure at the FMCN began in 2000 and she was part of a team that created the Mexican Conservation Learning Network (IMAC). Jennifer’s work at IMAC until 2006 was that of a web-savvy training manager specializing in sustainable tourism and wildfire management.

Jennifer describes her work as a way that connects conservation in the natural world with improving communication using a variety of media: “I believe that promoting communication among institutions and communities links people with similar interests in a way that encourages transparency and sustainable development,” she said. “Sustainable development has renewed purpose when we use current technology to improve not only what we know, but how we collaborate and learn new things that improve our quality of life.”


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