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Jorge Chávez de la Peña

Photo: 2006 Market Visit, Sánchez Pascuas (Oaxaca de Juárez)

Jorge Chávez de la Peña fue un consultor de ecoturismo, trabajando con grupos locales en Mexico. Fue ganador del Premio Colibri del Ecoturismo 2004 y murió en 2020.

Jorge Chávez de la Peña was an ecotourism consultant in Mexico. Winner of the 2004 Colibri Ecotourism Award, Jorge passed away in 2020.

2004 Award Announcement

Mexico City — As part of Planeta.com’s celebration of World Environment Day, Planeta.com presents the fourth annual Colibri Ecotourism Award to Mexican ecotourism pioneer Jorge Chávez de la Peña, who developed Mexico’s first university-level ecotourism program.

A Planeta.com writer and frequent contributor to the Mexico Ecotourism Network, Jorge receives the Colibri (‘Hummingbird’) Award, which includes a $1,000 cash prize, underwritten by Canyon Travel, a prominent North American ecotourism operator.

The United Nations celebrates World Environment Day each year on June 5 as a way to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action.

About the Colibri Award
First presented in 2001, the Colibri Ecotourism Award is presented to a leading authority at the vanguard of ecotourism.

We recognize that ecotourism depends on the leadership of individuals who are resourceful and innovative. To honor the pioneers in this field, we pay our respect via the Colibri Ecotourism Awards.

Ecotourism depends on the leadership of individuals who are bold enough to bridge the traditional divisions between tourism and the environment. The decision of who wins the Colibri is made by Planeta.com Webhost Ron Mader with consultation from members of the Mexico Ecotourism Network.

Jorge Chàvez de la Peña developed Mexico’s first ecotourism curriculum and university diploma program for the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, where he worked for 22 years. He also worked for Mexico’s tourism secretariat (SECTUR) as General Director of Education and more recently he has worked independently as a consultant on sustainable development and tourism.

“By recognizing the vision and the achievements of ecotourism pioneers, the Colibri Award pays an overdue homage to those whose work celebrates the intersection of conservation ethics and responsible tourism,” said Mader.

Jorge’s long-anticipated book Ecotourism TAP: Methodology for Planned Environmental Tourism (Ecoturismo TAP: Metodologìa para Turismo Ambientalmente Planificado) was published by Editorial Trillas. And in 2008 a new book, Diversidad cultural y ecoturismo, will be published.

Jorge has been working with communities developing rural tourism and ecotourism in the state of Puebla. In 2007 he spent time with an ecotourism project at Villa de Tamazulápam in the Mixteca Alta Oaxaqueña.

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