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July 20 and looking up at the moon

Photo: NASA Goddard, Lunar Module

Celebrating July 20, the anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Out of this world heritage sites!

Things we learned:

  • The average age in Mission Control was 27
  • Software‘ was created as a word

Key Links
Apollo 11 – NASA

Project Apollo Archive

Recommended Listening
13 Minutes to the Moon – BBC
Honeysuckle Creek and the first man on the moon – RN ABC
What is the cultural significance of the moon landing 50 years on? – RN ABC

Embedded Tweets

The scientific legacy of Katherine Johnson, NASA’s “Hidden Figures” mathematician
Apollo 11 and the Woman Who Helped Get It Home
The heritage of the Apollo missions must be protected – UPI
Moon Landing at 50: A Guide to TV Specials Celebrating Apollo 11’s 1969 Feat
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
The Year – Atlantic
How to avoid sexist language in space – Dr Space Junk wields the red pen.

Control Center

Elsewhere on the Web

Recommended Videos
Chasing the Moon (PBS)


How a typeface helped launch Apollo – Douglas Thomas

CBS Live Stream

Archive: Apollo 11 Launches (NASA, Marshall, 07/16/69)

Apollo 11 Launch

#OTD in 1969: Apollo 11 Lands on Moon

Apollo 12 Pacific Recovery

70th International Astronautical Congress (NHQ201910240062)


Apollo 11
Apollo Guidance Computer
Frances Northcutt


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