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July 20 and looking up at the moon

Photo: NASA Goddard, Lunar Module (Some rights reserved)

Celebrating July 20, the anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Out of this world heritage sites!

Things we learned:

  • The average age in Mission Control was 27
  • Software‘ was created as a word

Key Links
Apollo 11 – NASA
Apollo 11 Lunar Module / EASEP

The scientific legacy of Katherine Johnson, NASA’s “Hidden Figures” mathematician
Apollo 11 and the Woman Who Helped Get It Home
The heritage of the Apollo missions must be protected – UPI
Moon Landing at 50: A Guide to TV Specials Celebrating Apollo 11’s 1969 Feat
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
The Year – Atlantic
How to avoid sexist language in space – Dr Space Junk wields the red pen.
Apollo astronauts left their poop on the moon. – Vox

Control Center

Elsewhere on the Web

Project Apollo Archive

Recommended Listening
13 Minutes to the Moon – BBC
Honeysuckle Creek and the first man on the moon – RN ABC
What is the cultural significance of the moon landing 50 years on? – RN ABC

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Recommended Videos
Chasing the Moon (PBS)


How a typeface helped launch Apollo – Douglas Thomas

CBS Live Stream

Archive: Apollo 11 Launches (NASA, Marshall, 07/16/69)

Apollo 11 Launch

#OTD in 1969: Apollo 11 Lands on Moon

Apollo 12 Pacific Recovery

70th International Astronautical Congress (NHQ201910240062)


Apollo 11
Apollo Guidance Computer
Frances Northcutt


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