Kia Ora

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Kia Ora = Hello (greeting in New Zealand (Aotearoa))
Also translates as “cheers,” “good luck,” and “best wishes”

Air New Zealand drops Kia Ora trademark bid
Air New Zealand threatened with Māori boycott – News Channel 21
Kia Ora: Air New Zealand faces boycott over trademark bid – BBC

The New Zealand Maori Council described the move as “cultural misappropriation” and “frankly despicable.”

Wikipedia: In 1984, at a time when the use of Māori phrases was uncommon in New Zealand, an Auckland telephone operator, Naida Glavish, was instructed to stop using kia ora when greeting callers after the post office had received a complaint. She refused to do so and was consequently stood down, with the whole affair attracting much public interest. The Postmaster-General, Rob Talbot, convinced the Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon, to overturn that prohibition.

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Kia ora

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