In 2019 Uzbekistan hosted its First International Geotourism Forum. We are looking forward to learning about travel and tourism along the Silk Road.

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Kitab State Geological Reserve
The reserve’s office is located in Shakhrisabz.

Kitab State Geological Reserve


  • What would locals like visitors to know about Uzbekistan?
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  • Are any of the presentations / cited documents online?

August 1-3, 2019, the First International Geotourism forum will be held in Kashkadarya region. The forum is organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development and the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and mineral resources.

The focus of the forum participants will be a visual study of the objects of the Kitab State Geological Reserve.

Founded in 1979, Kitab reserve is one of the unique natural conservation areas of Uzbekistan. According to the results of the study of scientific data presented by international studies, the Kitab State Geological reserve is the only Standard in the world – the standard of the Lower Emsian stratotype section, which means one of the first monuments of the earth’s appearance from the World ocean, land exit from water, scientifically confirmed by the International community of scientists as a place of life exit from the World ocean to land.

Taking into account these facts, the organizers of the Forum proposed the development of a special program to promote a new tourism brand: “The Beginning of life. Uzbekistan.”

As part of the forum, participants will enjoy a fascinating trip to the city of Shahrisabz, a sightseeing tour of the main attractions of the city. On the second day, a trip to the Kitab geological reserve is planned, a walking tour to the Emsian tier, located in the section of Zinzilban Gorge, at a distance of 3 km from the base of the Kitab reserve, a research scientific conference, where presentations of specialists of the State Committee of Geology will be held. As part of the forum, a visit to the Kitab International Latitude Station is also planned.

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