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Kudos to Pie de Pagina for featuring the story of the last speakers of Kuáhl, an Indigenous language native to Baja California. They made their own museum to preserve their culture.

Ku’ahl is a linguistic derivation of the Paipai.

A sign for the “Ku’ahl Museum” is seen on the road leading to the Mission of Santa Catarina, where about 200 Paipai live. Daria finances her collection with the sale of earthenware pots that she makes herself.

Santa Catarina is located approximately 50 miles east of Ensenada, about a three-hour drive from San Diego.

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Una historia inesperada: el museo Ku’ahl

Questions = Preguntas

  • Any suggestions on visiting the museum and supporting the conservation of language and culture? = ¿Algunas sugerencias sobre visitar el museo y apoyar la conservación de la lengua y la cultura?

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