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Lake Mohave

Photo: Ken Lund, Willow Beach (Some rights reserved)

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NPS: Lake Mohave is a reservoir on the Colorado River created in 1951 following the completion of Davis Dam near present-day Laughlin, Nevada, and Bullhead City, Arizona. Named for the Mohave Indians who previously inhabited this region of the Colorado River valley, Lake Mohave extends approximately 67 miles along the valley from Hoover Dam to Davis Dam straddling the southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona border, which follows the original river channel … With the completion of Hoover Dam and Davis Dam, historic riverine temperature and flow cycles were no longer in place. Hoover Dam discharges cold water from the bottom of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave’s only significant inflow. As a result, water temperatures within Black Canyon are a constant cold 53° Farenheit (12-13°C), and the shade provided by the steep walls of the canyon helps to maintain the steady low temperatures throughout the year. The change in temperature cycling and modifications to the physical features of the area brought about by damming the Colorado River in the area of Lake Mohave resulted in habitat loss for aquatic insects, which are now no longer present. Also directly and indirectly imperiled were the razorback sucker and bonytail chub, two federally listed endangered fish species for which Lake Mohave provides critical habitat. The razorback sucker population has most recently been estimated at less than 5,000 fish, which is a significant decline from previous estimates of 60,000 in the late 1980s. Once abundant throughout the Colorado River basin, Lake Mohave now contains the largest remaining population of razorback suckers. The bonytail chub presently exists in low numbers in Lake Mohave.

Wikipedia: Lake Mohave is a reservoir on the Colorado River between the Hoover Dam and Davis Dam in Cottonwood Valley defining the border between Nevada and Arizona in the United States. This 67 mile stretch of the Colorado River flows past Boulder City, Nelson, Searchlight, Cottonwood Cove, Cal-Nev-Ari, and Laughlin to the west in Nevada and Willow Beach and Bullhead City to the east in Arizona. A maximum width of 4 miles wide and an elevation of 647 feet (197 m), Lake Mohave encompasses 28,260 acres of water. As Lake Mead lies to the north of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mohave and adjacent lands forming its shoreline are part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area administered by the U.S. National Park Service.

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Lake Mohave


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