Like = To find agreeable

Also see: straight like = when someone goes straight down your Facebook page and likes everything (urban dictionary)


In 2015, Twitter introduced the “like” option for tweets, signified with a heart icon, replacing what it had previously called “favorites,” which were designated with a star.

“You might like …” starts the section of accounts to follow, generating a semi-random, inscrutably algorithmized selection of a trio of names. Are these people, or bots? Are the accounts active?

So what is it I like about these social web channels? And if I use these apps, how do I share my interest, my validation, my mark this for later reading or curation – the way I understand my use of liking and others who would like to be liked, the way they interpret my actions – all of this is undergoing tremendous transformation.

Is Twitter Planning to Get Rid of ‘Likes’? – Variety (2018)

Like or Dislike

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