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LinkedIn — linkedin.com — is a social web channel which allows members to maintain contact with colleagues trusted in business. Think of it as an online analog of the rolodex.

Official Spin: “If you’re not tapping in, you’re missing out.”

Tip: How to change your password on LinkedIn

Privacy Settings

Tip: Edit drafts


  • What do you think of the LinkedIn desktop experience?

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)
Have you created an account on LinkedIn?
Can you login on your laptop? On your phone? On your tablet?
Does your profile feature your current employment?
Have you endorsed a colleague on LinkedIn?
Have you written a recommendation for a colleague?
Have you thanked a colleague for an endorsement or recommendation?
Have you joined a group?
Have you liked a particular topic in a LinkedIn group?
Group creators, have you added a hero image?
Do you know how many people have looked at your profile in the past 15 days?
Do you know how to change the Frequency of Group Digest emails?
Have you linked your LinkedIn and Slideshare accounts?
Have you managed your recommendations?
Have you asked for a recommendation?
Have you created a new post?

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Buzzword Bingo
Account – Activity – App – Benefits of Membership – Business – Clipboard – Clipping – Comment – Companies – Connect – Connection – Daily Digest Email – Digest Frequency – Discussion – Education – Employment – EndorsementEventsFreemium – Frequency of group digest emails – Groups – Hero Image – Influence – Influencer – Interests – Invitation – Job – Like – Like this Comment – LinkedIn – Manage – Manager’s Choice – Members – Messages – Microsoft – Network – Networking – Passive – Password – Position – Professional – Profile – Promotion – Recommend – Recommendation – Reference – Research – ReputationResume – Rolodex – Settings – Share – Share Group – Skills – SlideshareSocial Web – Spam – Stop Following Discussion – Testimonial – TrustUpgrade – Weekly Digest Email

Why aren’t we talking about LinkedIn? – NYT

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What is the Social Web?

Making the most of Slideshare

Digital Literacy Quiz

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