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Who’s Who in the Mexican Baseball League 2018

Mexico City – Ebook fans, for the first time in its history, the Mexican Baseball League makes available to the public, free of charge, the digital version of Who is Who 2018 for easy viewing on computers and mobile devices.

In this way, the most complete compendium of data on the largest baseball league in Latin America is available to everyone.

Along with the many innovations implemented for the 2018 season, inside and outside the diamonds, the Who’s Who 2018 has a completely renovated design, modern and attached to the new image of the League.

The change is not only aesthetic, its sections have been expanded to better inform fans and members of the press the most important information of the circuit and its 16 clubs.

It continues to be a vital consulting tool for the journalist and the amateur who likes to follow statistics.

Up-to-date batting and pitching numbers are included in the 2017 Season, as well as historical marks that have made our best players a legend.

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