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Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2

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Launch of Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2

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Having worked with CBD before with our Indigenous Tourism awards – https://www.planeta.com/itbw-2010 – what is the outlook for biodiversity and tourism in Indigenous communities?



Convention on Biological Diversity​Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, dear participants.Convention on Biological Diversity​The session is about to start.Gerardo Rojas​Hello CBD,Convention on Biological Diversity​Hello 🙂Gpe Yesenia Hdz. Márquez​Congratulations! Great work! Important messages abut the value of indigenous peoples.Convention on Biological Diversity​Link to the report: https://lbo2.localbiodiversityoutlook… Welcome to live chat! Remember to guard your privacy and abide by our community guidelines.Ron Mader​Thanks for streaming. Is there a page with links to upcoming livestreams?Ron Mader​Is there a list of the speakers appearing in this video?Gerardo Rojas​i would like to ask any panelist: given the cultural differences, which is the experience of any of your communities with dealing with international institutions and their mindset?Luis Fueyo Mac Donald​Good morningConvention on Biological Diversity ​Hello @Ron Mader Usually we set our lives on https://www.cbd.int/liveConvention on Biological Diversity​ Sessions are planned tomorrow and Friday at 7 AM Montreal time.Convention on Biological Diversity​Let me ask for the list of speakersConvention on Biological Diversity​ Here is the programme of the session http://attachments.cbd.int/cd5383b330…Convention on Biological Diversity​ Welcome remarks were by Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological DiversityConvention on Biological Diversity​ Then : Framing remarks, Joji Carino, on behalf of Maurizio Farhan Ferrari and Joji Carino, lead authors of the 2nd Edition of Local Biodiversity OutlooksConvention on Biological Diversity​Now we hear Ramiro Batzin, co-chair of the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB)Convention on Biological Diversity​We heard Brenda Asuncion, Kua āina Ulu Auamo (KUA)

Press briefing: Ways forward – indigenous and local perspectives on our biodiversity crisis

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